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Personal art and design. Client work is at Ideacodes.

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  • Bliss

    Second web promo and inspiration piece for an outdoor streaming video and content website.  (Flash stream 5 mb)

  • Accelerate

    Video/audio representation of my brain the last few months. (Quicktime, 1.4 MB)

  • XHTML 1.0

    Welcome to version 3!  It’s been a long time coming but when it came down to it, it only took me the night to cut this site over with a new…

  • Resin art

    Made cast resin pieces (giant coasters) a few weekends ago.  One has pink marbles, the other is tinted green with submerged gluesticks.

  • Ithaca blue

  • spring sequence

    A faux spring collection.

  • Impressions

    Glances of things.

  • On my mind

    Collage of “Ball chair” by Finn Stone and a pool by the sea.

  • Redlands, CA

    Video of SYR-ORD-ONT-ORD.

  • White space

  • Accepted to Rhizome ArtBase

    Great news!  My video, ethereal city, was accepted into the Rhizome ArtBase. “The Rhizome ArtBase includes works of new media art – including net art, software art, computer games, and documentation of…