A conversion optimization engine that understands who your visitors are and what products they are looking for. Allowing websites to greet visitors with real-time content and promotions that are relevant to them. URL: Pzyche

Wednesday, Apr 6, 2011


Perk up your Facebook pages with this WYSIWYG visual designer. Just drag and drop widgets from YouTube, Twitter, etc to integrate into your Facebook page. You can use the free ad-supported version or pay a monthly subscription for more assistance. URL: MiproApps

Monday, Jul 19, 2010


A new way of getting deals. Sign up for 3 exclusive deals daily in your city. As more people sign up for a deal, the deal then becomes “accelerated”, and becomes bigger. After the deal closes, you can then print out a voucher for the deal, and use it like cash at the business. Get […]

Tuesday, Apr 13, 2010


Create your own, personalized magazine cover. Choose from the styles of over 100 magazines. Available for the iPhone. Currently in beta. URL: MagCover

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2009