A community site for designers, artists and other creative people to share and create colors, palettes and patterns. URL: COLOURlovers

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Generate and download original musical compositions online by clicking on the desired genre styles. Vary composition styles by controlling the instrumentation, pitch control, and time controls. URL: WolframTones

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Create and build Flash projects in your browser for free. Type in your ActionsScript3 in html code form, and the server will compile the code. Communicate and collaborate with other users, and make and play your own Flash games. URL: wonderfl

Wednesday, Apr 28, 2010


Twitter for designers, developers and other creative people to show off their in-progress projects with small screenshots. Images must be 400×300 pixels or less. You can tag, comment, and follow other people and their work. URL: Dribbble

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010


A color palette generator. Upload a picture, and get a palette of colors in return to match. Also works for any phone that has camera and email. URL: Pictaculous.

Friday, Jul 31, 2009


A community where people create designs using an online drawing application. These designs can be rated, downloaded, and archived. The Most Liked designs are rewarded by being featured on the home page. URL: Myoats.

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2009

The UnTapped Source

A new online art gallery with a focus on promoting only the best quality art from undiscovered visual artists from around the globe. Artists are added on an ongoing basis and are all pre-screened for quality before inclusion. The site will also be adding free resources for artists in the near future. URL: The UnTapped […]

Wednesday, Jul 9, 2008


A worldwide collaborative infinite canvas painting project. URL: WebCanvas.

Monday, Mar 3, 2008

The Open Clipart Library

A user-friendly collection of royalty-free clipart, the Open Clipart Library began as a way to consolidate SVG graphics created and collected mainly by users of open source vector graphics editor, Inkscape. The project has grown considerably and one of it’s development aims is to provide free graphics to users of open source word processors that […]

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2007


The world’s first “alternative motivational posters” with unique graphical designs. URL: RightBrainTerrain.

Tuesday, Jul 4, 2006