This site provides free audiobooks, volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. URL: LibriVox

Saturday, Jul 31, 2010


Google Chrome extension that lets you build a personal music library from the web. It finds and plays the MP3 files on the websites you visit. URL: ExtensionFM

Tuesday, Jul 20, 2010


Music subscription service that allows you to listen to your music anywhere – from your phone or your computer. $9.99 a month for unlimited use, $4.99 a month for web use only. Purchased music is DRM-free. Currently in preview. App available for Blackberry and iPhone. URL: Rdio

Thursday, Jun 3, 2010


A community site for music lovers who want to delve into sampled music and cover songs. Discover new and old music, and submit information about a sample or a cover. Submitted information is subject to approval by moderators. URL: WhoSampled

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Generate and download original musical compositions online by clicking on the desired genre styles. Vary composition styles by controlling the instrumentation, pitch control, and time controls. URL: WolframTones

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dewey Music

A nice, more manageable interface for the music portion of the Internet Archive. You can do anything you want with the music here for free and legally. Download, remix, share. URL: DeweyMusic

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010


A game where you can learn to play the piano by clicking on falling notes. Download the free game, or get the learning pack for $18. URL: Synthesia

Monday, Apr 12, 2010


I can only describe Songr as a Digg style music playlist where anyone can submit what they’re listening to and visitors then bump the song up or down, letting other visitors know whether the song is good or bad. URL: Songr

Sunday, Apr 11, 2010


A free open source video, audio, and podcast publishing platform. It is built for organizations who wish to distribute media in a variety of formats on their website while maintaining the ability to control the user experience. URL: MediaCore

Sunday, Jan 17, 2010


An internet radio with a twist: the listeners share and choose the music. URL: Stereo8

Sunday, Nov 29, 2009

Google Music Search

Search for artists, albums, songs or lyrics. Google provides links to partner sites where you can preview and purchase songs. URL: Google Music Search

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009

Build A Jam

Build an online band and collaborate to make music. Listen, rate and comment on all types of music. URL: Build A Jam.

Saturday, Sep 12, 2009


Create your own soundtrack for a party or event. Build a jukebox with your guests’ song requests. URL: Flavortunes.

Tuesday, Aug 11, 2009

Listen to soundtracks from different cities around the world. URL:

Friday, Jul 31, 2009


TidySongs is an easy and powerful program that will fix any missing or misspelled song details, add album artwork, remove duplicate songs and organizes your music. URL: TidySongs.

Sunday, Jul 26, 2009


Notifies you by email when your favorite music artist releases new music. You can add artist by hand or import your favorites. URL: Blyper.

Wednesday, Jul 15, 2009


Automatically creates your own personal web page with a list of all the music in your iTunes library. Creates a list with links (to preview or purchase) so you can share it with your friends, on blogs, forums, websites, digg, facebook or simply keep it as a personal reference. You can come back at any […]

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Search and listen to your favorite artists, songs and music channels for free. Type in an artist or genre to start listening to music. History and Favorites enabled. URL: theRADIO.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A music discovery engine that delivers a fresh and accurate system that introduces you to more of the music you’ll enjoy based on your individual musical tastes. The team behind the app includes some of the original minds behind the MP3 format. URL: Mufin.

Tuesday, Jan 6, 2009


A network of online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists. You’re welcome to download and enjoy music posted to the site, provided that it’s used for personal, non-commercial use. You can do things like make copies of the tracks and put them on all of […]

Monday, Jan 5, 2009

A social music community for independent musicians and music fans of all genres and tastes. Completely community-driven, members can legally download/stream/(re)sell music and videos; they can vote, comment and plug their favorite bands/artists for a commission; discover the latest music and even make new friends. Musicians can keep current and new fans up-to-date, set their […]

Monday, Oct 27, 2008


An online music community offering free music licensing and giving music artists a platform to showcase and sell their music. Content buyers are then invited to search, bid for musical content and license the rights to them directly from the artist. URL: Youlicense.

Wednesday, Oct 8, 2008


Create your own mixtape and share it with your friends on social networks. Add pictures, photos, artwork, drawings… anything you want to style your mixtape. URL: Mixwit.

Monday, Sep 29, 2008


New high-quality classical music store with over 18,000 downloadable recordings. All are free from DRM so you can transfer to any device or CD. URL: Passionato.

Thursday, Sep 11, 2008


Collaborative music community website that aims to connect and benefit both musicians and fans. Includes such innovative features such as the MixMaker, an audio sequencer and editing tool, and the Remix wizard, a lightweight widget that artists can use to involve their fans in the creative process. Currently in beta. URL: MixMatchMusic.

Thursday, Sep 11, 2008


Send a simple audio postcard to your friends. Upload a picture, an mp3, type a message, and send. No registration necessary. URL: Postcard.FM.

Tuesday, Sep 9, 2008


A simple way for people to create or listen to a mix, a short playlist containing at least 30 minutes – roughly 8 tracks – of music. URL: 8tracks.

Tuesday, Sep 2, 2008


Find great music in your area. Provides a way to purchase the cheapest tickets for those events and can be linked into your iTunes and favorites and recommendations. You can also receive email reminders and browse for tickets by price and location. URL: Bandsintown.

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008


A personalized Internet Radio community which allows users to create and share personalized Internet radio stations and video channels for free. URL: MeeMix.

Thursday, Jul 24, 2008


A free online radio platform that allows anyone to stream their MP3 / WAV files. Once installed, iRadeo will automatically detect and stream any supported file format that has been uploaded to the specified directory. URL: iRadeo.

Thursday, Jun 5, 2008
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