Charitable Aid on the Web

More than ever before, the world is connected; able to see and participate in the lives of people who are not within physical reach. The Web has brought us new ways to be involved, as well as confusion to what really can be considered aid.

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010

Getting Things Done with Twitter

After three years on the web, Twitter has become more than just another micro-blogging client. A whole industry of web applications have sprung up to extend and capitalize on Twitter’s capabilities, from the ridiculously silly, to the gobsmackingly useful. If Twitter is not already a part of your daily life, these applications can give you […]

Wednesday, Feb 11, 2009

Wedding Planning Made Easier

Weddings can be a stressful time for the bride and groom (mostly the bride), and the entire project can seem overwhelming, especially when trying to balance expectations, ambitions, and limited budgets. Luckily for them, the web is here to help, with many useful tools that engaged couples (and occasionally, their families and friends) can rely […]

Wednesday, Jun 25, 2008

The Language Of Gardening

My fiance and I recently moved to Los Angeles and inherited a large garden, which includes, but is not limited to: roses, figs, artichokes, lemons, loquats, oranges, figs, and grapefruits. I have been known to kill bamboo. Clearly, we needed guidance, information, and resources, a lot of which I found online. Learning how to garden […]

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diigo V3 a Win with Non-Intrusive Social Networking

I have been an avid Diigo user for some time now. I use it to manage my bookmarks, to take notes, and organize and share my research. It’s even become my primary blogging tool. Each time I think that I’ve finally mastered Diigo, they add some new feature or enhancement. Now, with the newly released […]

Wednesday, Mar 26, 2008

Fun With Social Shopping

Shopping and the Internet are a perfect marriage. Combine equal parts user curiosity, materialism, need for research, and a dash of social networking, and you have a great recipe for happy users and advertisers. Finding the perfect item, be it the perfect pea coat or the most eco-friendly couch, has never been easier, or a […]

Thursday, Mar 6, 2008

The Web App as Your Personal Assistant

Ehub reviews free web-based personal task management There are dozens of ways to keep a calendar, make a list, or get reminders online. A few web offerings do all three very well. A human personal assistant is best but, for many, not in the budget. Until you reach that stage, consider three free sites that […]

Saturday, Feb 16, 2008

Traveling Internet Style

Travel is a necessary fact of life. We travel to visit far-away families and friends, or we travel for business. Most people, if you ask them, will say “We love to travel”, but if you press further, they will admit that it’s not exactly the act of traveling they love, but the end result – […]

Monday, Dec 17, 2007

Know Where Your Money Goes With SpendView

Recently, I was given an awesome guided tour of personal finance application, SpendView. Nikhil Roy, Nikunj Somaiya, and a developer who, according to their website, “will remain unnamed” have taken SpendView from concept to fully functioning closed beta in the space of about nine months. I was honestly pretty nonplussed about looking at yet another […]

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2007

The Crafty Revolution

One of the most pleasant ironies of our fast-paced, technological Internet era is the renewed interest in all things handmade and do-it-yourself. People who wouldn’t otherwise have picked up so much as a ball of yarn are now learning to sew from tutorials online, trading tips with other people with the same crafty interests, and […]

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007

Save the Planet Web 2.0 Style

Today is Blog Action Day. Today, bloggers all around the world will call attention to issues concerning the environment. Thousands of unique voices will be discussing these issues in thousands of unique ways. In typical eHub fashion, we’re going to look at saving the environment Web 2.0 style. To celebrate Blog Action Day, we’ve sifted […]

Monday, Oct 15, 2007

The Mobile Web Goes Widescreen with Opera’s Beta Browser

I’ve been using Opera’s Java-based mobile browser for what seems like eternity. I don’t even remember how it ended up on my phone to begin with. What I do remember is that it has outperformed every other mobile browser I’ve tested on my handset. You can bet that I went straight to the Opera Mini […]

Thursday, Oct 4, 2007

Health 2.0

In case you hadn’t noticed, healthcare is one enormous economic sector. In the United States, spending on healthcare in 2005 was calculated at $2 trillion, which is 16% of GDP. Other countries aren’t off the hook either: across the globe, healthcare spending is exceeding the rate of economic growth. So, it stands to reason that […]

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2007

Student Organizers Add the Power of Facebook

With my graduate student wife and two younger siblings all focused on squeezing the last bit out of summer, I was almost hesitant to say that my latest topic was to be online student organizers, Notely and As it turns out, I was able to enlist the opinions of real live students, without which […]

Thursday, Sep 6, 2007

eHub Analyzes Movable Type 4

Six Apart takes its long-anticipated Movable Type version 4 out of beta and into the spotlight. Let’s take a look at the revamped blogging system and take it for a spin. While not exactly the Friendster of blogging tools, the MT platform took a serious blow when it decided to move from its free and […]

Wednesday, Sep 5, 2007

Nature of Food on the Web

I’ve recently discovered that talented geeks also make great chefs and restaurant critics. So many of the qualities that make geeks so valuable as your personal tech support and computer programmer – obsessive attention to detail, an eagerness to learn and research, and a fascination with process – make them wonderful in the kitchen. Along […]

Wednesday, Aug 29, 2007

Walking through the Web: Web2Walk

Web 2.0 provides us with all sorts of ways to check our favorite sites. However, for the most part, we’ve been constrained primarily to using browsers, email and RSS Feeds. With the dawn of this second internet, there seem to be a plethora of new ways to surf the internet. Walk2Web takes old paths and […]

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007

Buzzword, The First Real Word Processor for the Web

I’m not writing in my usual text editor today. Today, I’m writing in the web’s first real word processor. At least, that is what the team at Virtual Ubiquity has to say about their partially unveiled masterpiece. They’ve also chosen what is quite possibly the perfect name for a supposedly ground breaking and much-hyped word […]

Wednesday, Aug 22, 2007

Web 2.0 for Moms and Dads

Recently we’ve noticed a pack of websites and apps targeting tech savvy moms and dads. We’ve observed that the websites that cater to families tend to be very community-oriented, and deliberately family-friendly without being overly “girly” (which can be a problem for dad-oriented sites). Care is made to ensure a positive experience for the user, […]

Thursday, Aug 16, 2007

Reactee Puts Your Message on the Streets

I get fairly excited when I come across a company working within the web 2.0 space that I’m not quite certain how to categorize. This excitement (some might call it confusion, but I prefer to be optimistic) is why I decided to take a closer look at Reactee. In a list somewhere, you might find […]

Monday, Aug 13, 2007

Mobile 2.0: Still in the far-off future

Let’s face it, most of Mobile 2.0 is still trying to catch up to Web 1.1. Despite the rapid growth of the mobile gaming industry, we still get excited about graphics that would have bored us in the glory days of 8-bit game stations. While the mobile world is about more than gaming, many mobile […]

Thursday, Aug 2, 2007

Project Management 2.0

The Internet has long been a boon to project managers. And before that (remember those disconnected days?) many offline software applications were as well. But apart from the ubiquitous Microsoft Project there have been few specific applications for project management. Project managers have mostly filled their planning and communication needs by cobbling together systems from […]

Wednesday, Aug 1, 2007

Highlights from WordCamp 2007

Unconferencing is one of the reasons I moved to San Francisco. They are free, geek-infested, and very enlightening. The open source software community is probably my favorite group of folks to hang out with here. I spent my whole day at WordCamp 2007, hosted at the Swedish American Hall in downtown SF. The event was […]

Thursday, Jul 26, 2007

eHub Reviews Sputtr

With so many ways to find what you need on the Internet, it’s good to see that companies and developers have realized that there needs to be more then just one way to search. Enter Sputtr. Sputtr aspires to be a metasearch designed to search multiple engines from one single website. The site provides several […]

Wednesday, Jul 25, 2007

Do More With Your Music at Lala

I came across Lala while looking for a (free) way to listen to my music collection when the computer that I was at wasn’t mine. While I’d toured similar services like Oboe Locker by, in the end I grew tired of dealing the limitations of these other services. Limits to the size of your […]

Tuesday, Jul 24, 2007

eHub Reviews

Recorded music is an important part to many of our lives. However, the way that we consume recorded music varies greatly. Additionally, the separation is not clean. How we consume music depends on our mood, location, and other things we may be doing at the time. There are five categories that can help define how […]

Monday, Jul 23, 2007

Tools for Researchers and Book Lovers

Libraries, students and book lovers can take advantage of several Web 2.0 tools to help them manage their book collections, do research, and create bibliographic citations. We’ve briefly mentioned BibMe and LibraryThing in the past (eHub Interviews LibraryThing), but let’s explore them further, as well as Zotero, a “next generation research tool”. LibraryThing launched in […]

Thursday, Jul 19, 2007

GTD 2.0

Are you a member of the cult of GTD? David Allen’s time management system has gotten so much attention in the last several years that you’ve probably at least tried it out. If you found GTD didn’t work for you, you might try again–there’s a whole host of Web 2.0 tools for GTD. Allen’s Getting […]

Wednesday, Jul 18, 2007

Web 2.0 Meets The Past at Footnote

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I sat down to test drive Utah-based website Footnote. Imagine a mashup of Flickr + Diigo + a little of for historical documents and you get some idea of the function. This simplified description doesn’t do justice to what you can actually do […]

Thursday, Jul 12, 2007

Check your receipt: eHub reviews personal finance sites

As time progresses, Web 2.0 gets less esoteric and more practical with sites that are useful for everyday goals. Today, we’ll look at a few web offerings that can help you with your personal money management: Wesabe, Moneytrackin’, and Expensr. If you’re following the more popular tech sites, you’ve probably already heard of Wesabe (who […]

Wednesday, Jul 11, 2007
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