Email delivery for web apps. URL: Postmark

Monday, Dec 20, 2010


Free and easy email reminders. On your next email just include and the service will follow up after the time interval you specify. URL: FollowUpThen

Sunday, Sep 19, 2010


Your personal information management center. Connect all your web services, from Facebook to YouTube to Picasa and keep them in all in one place. Drag and drop files, send messages, and edit them in one spot. URL: MyWeboo

Monday, May 10, 2010


Professional and easy to use email marketing service. No monthly or setup fees. Integrates with Facebook, Shopify, Highrise. Costs only 1 cent per recipient. URL: Sendloop

Monday, Nov 9, 2009


“Where your inbox meets the web. Control information overload. Emails, links, attachments, blog posts, news – all relevant data is organized and prioritized by contact. Rank importance and fine-tune your experience to pinpoint specific news about your most important people and companies. Be the first to know about relevant news that gives you more opportunities […]

Friday, Dec 26, 2008


A utility to improve your email communication. Quickly view and easily send rich media and attachments. Aggregate conversation and content by topics. Reduce unwanted emails reaching inboxes. Work seamlessly and securely with your email accounts without email passwords, and it’s free. URL: Topicr.

Thursday, Apr 10, 2008


A service that lets you send email later for reminders, getting things done (GTD), friends’ birthdays, and other occasions. URL: l8r.

Friday, Jul 6, 2007


A new approach to free webmail with ease of use and no blinking ads. Launch pending. URL: Litepost.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Create and share online newsletters. URL: LetterPop.

Wednesday, Jan 10, 2007


Secure, real-time, 1-click web-based email backup of Outlook and Apple mail. URL: Xackmail.

Friday, Dec 15, 2006

Primo Mailer

Allows users to manage and blast out email newsletters to subscribers and provide realtime reporting. Simple and easy UI with a mix of Flash and AJAX. URL: Primo Mailer.

Wednesday, Jun 14, 2006


Enter a URL and the service will send you an email every time the site is updated, with options for customizing your subscriptions. URL: Feedwhip.

Thursday, Apr 13, 2006


An AJAX email client with PHP backend. URL: RoundCube.

Friday, Oct 7, 2005

Campaign Monitor

Email newsletters and list management. eHub Interviews Campaign Monitor URL: Campaign Monitor.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2005