eHub Interviews Stocklamp

eHub Interviews Stocklamp

Visit Stocklamp, originally added to eHub on April 12, 2010. Thanks to Callum Rimmer of Stocklamp for taking time to do this interview. eHub: What is your web application/service about? Stocklamp: Stocklamp is an intelligent real-time search engine that helps anyone with shareholdings to quickly find relevant financial information and market sentiment about their holdings. […]

Monday, Apr 12, 2010


A financial news search engine that analyses, indexes and presents financial information in real-time. URL: Stocklamp

Monday, Apr 12, 2010


Credeble is a webapp which allows you to track shared expenses within groups. It provides insight in your groups’ finances and a clear overview of all your debts and credits. URL: Credeble

Friday, Apr 9, 2010


Web-based business financial management. Automated data entry from banks and credit cards, graphical projections, bank-level security. URL: Indinero

Monday, Mar 1, 2010

Post a dollar

Easy blog payments. Leave “tips” on blogs that you like. URL: Post a dollar

Monday, Dec 21, 2009


An easy way to manage your cash flow online, allowing you to quickly manage and evaluate your income and expenses. Aimed at small business owners. URL: Pulse

Friday, Nov 13, 2009


A personal finance and budgeting web application that utilizes a calendar format to forecast your future cash position. Free to sign up and ranges up to $12 a month service. URL: PocketSmith

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2009


Described as Etsy meets PayPal. The site gives each user a unique web page and URL where they can list items for payment. It’s very useful if you are planning a party, collecting for a gift, or even selling an item on Craigslist. The site is free to use and all transactions are handled safely […]

Thursday, May 28, 2009


A financial blog that also helps individuals find a financial advisor or planner. Daily contributions from over 100 financial experts. URL: AdvisorWorld.

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2009

Bionic Books

A free web 2.0 accounting application for small businesses and start-ups. The service aims to make accounting easy to do, and something that you can learn as you need it. URL: Bionic Books.

Friday, Dec 5, 2008


The only online savings initiative that allows family and friends to contribute to your savings goals, gives you additional incentive boosts from top retailers who sell exactly what you are saving for and offers you a very competitive interest rate for the dollars you are saving. SmartyPig savings accounts are FDIC insured, so consumers can […]

Monday, Mar 24, 2008


Track and manage your income and expenses as well as import your data from Quicken, MS Money, or any other program that exports data using the QIF/QFX format. URL: FinanciFY.

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007


A financial planning site whose goal is to help you understand your finances in the most simple and useful way possible, without having to hire an accountant or earn a degree in finance. URL: Finfo.

Friday, Jun 8, 2007


Online stock picking application that calculates and scans stocks 24 hours a day for profitable trades with a high degree of certainty. URL: GStock.

Monday, Oct 2, 2006


Expense tracking across multiple bank accounts and expense sources to give the user a clear view of their financial situation. URL: Foonance.

Monday, May 1, 2006