Create and build Flash projects in your browser for free. Type in your ActionsScript3 in html code form, and the server will compile the code. Communicate and collaborate with other users, and make and play your own Flash games. URL: wonderfl

Wednesday, Apr 28, 2010


A game where you can learn to play the piano by clicking on falling notes. Download the free game, or get the learning pack for $18. URL: Synthesia

Monday, Apr 12, 2010


A photo game of interesting things that you stumble across when out and about. You play by uploading your photos to Flickr, tagged with ‘noticings’ and geotagged with where they were taken. Players are awarded points for things like spotting the first thing in a neighbourhood, or noticing something every day for a week. URL: […]

Friday, Nov 20, 2009

Tickle Tap Apps

A suite of iPhone apps designed to entertain and educate your toddler. Choose from 10 different apps, such as Sound Shaker and Color Collector, which are designed to be easy and intuitive for little hands. URL: Tickle Tap Apps

Saturday, Nov 14, 2009


An online browser game featuring a world with thousands of other real players. You begin the game acting as a chief of a tiny village build up villages, wage wars or trade with your neighbors. URL: Travian.

Monday, Jun 2, 2008

Human Brain Cloud

A multiplayer word association online game. URL: Human Brain Cloud.

Saturday, Nov 24, 2007


A free “online correspondence chess server” where you can play via email or live via the AJAX interface. Play as many games as you want, all at the same time. Receive email notification when your opponent makes their move. Export your games to PGN. Registration is free. You must register to play. URL: AjaxPlay.

Wednesday, Oct 3, 2007


A fun time waster where you can play Sudoku online, play the Daily Challenge or solve a QuickGame on your coffee break. URL: sudokular.

Saturday, Sep 15, 2007