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A free, open platform for any user to explore and share their passion. As an Admin, you can start a blog, run a forum, and post links, images and videos to the Cork Board, and communicate with other users. URL: WonderHowTo Worlds

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


A website creator that lets you integrate pictures, videos and text, also has the ability to change designs with one click, add as many pages as you want. Pages are given sub-domains and if you upgrade to JimdoPro you get your own domain. URL: Jimdo.

Friday, Sep 7, 2007


Web hosting that focuses on simplicity. You can manage your website, domain registration, billing details, and get support – all from the same place. URL: Slamdot.

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2007


Brings a new approach to utility computing by offering designers and developers the first easy-to-use, enterprise-strength web hosting utility that makes the process of provisioning and running web sites and applications simple. URL: Mosso.

Monday, Oct 9, 2006

Qube Desktop Client

Centers around the concept of browserless search, blending third generation websearch capabilities with user collaboration, free advertising and social networking. (Originally posted to eHub on April 26, 06) URL: Qube Desktop Client.

Wednesday, Jun 7, 2006


Ruby on Rails hosting with three levels of plans for basic to advanced. One of the first hosts to offer Rails support. URL: Site5.

Tuesday, Apr 18, 2006