An open source PHP/MySQL app that captures your posts, replies, retweets, friends, followers, and links on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. They’ll be adding more networks in the future. Stores your social data in a database you control, and makes it easy to search, sort, filter, export, and visualize in useful ways. URL: ThinkUp

Monday, Sep 27, 2010


Share, discover and discuss your life online, in real-time. URL: Cliqset

Thursday, Feb 25, 2010


A unique diary/journal writing app for iPhone & iPod touch, which provides a quick and easy way to record ‘moments’ throughout your day. Connect with popular social web services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and, to collect and display your online activity as part of your diary.URL: Momento

Thursday, Jan 21, 2010
eHub interviews

eHub interviews is a vibrant tool for understanding your web usage as well as sharing the stuff that you love online. We’ve been careful to appeal to a wide gamut of users on the internet. From casual surfers who want to save interesting content to their personal clouds to power users who not only quantify their usage but actively curate an image of who they are online. The users who choose to share their personal clouds contribute to the discovery mechanisms we call the social and public clouds. These are the areas that highlight trending content and sites within your social group or as a whole.

Monday, Nov 23, 2009

A vibrant and visual life aggregator. You can see what your friends and the public are sharing and discovering online in real time. This site is in Private Beta and we have 15 invites if you want one let us know in the comments. URL:

Wednesday, Nov 4, 2009


Kakuteru is an experimental lifestreaming service that promotes up your online activity. Kakuteru enhances your FriendFeed activity and throws some extra spices in the mix. [Closed Beta] URL: Kakuteru.

Tuesday, Jan 6, 2009


A lifestream blog still in closed private beta, Mambler integrates web services like Flickr and YouTube, instant messaging, SMS and moblogging, and more so that you can be connected no matter where you are and what you are doing. URL: Mambler.

Thursday, Aug 23, 2007