My Code Stock

My Code Stock

A free online service for storing and managing code snippets and complete Scripts in any Coding Language (e.g. PHP, JavaScript, SQL, BASIC). URL: My Code Stock

Saturday, Apr 9, 2011


Making staff management easy by providing essential features to manage team members. Manage attendance, payment, leave of absence and exchange messages. URL: Staffnote

Tuesday, Jan 18, 2011


A product born out of frustration and archaic methods of conducting pre-launch testing. This web app is intended to help and encourage web designers and developers to check their work before exposing it to the world at large. URL: Launchlist

Friday, Jun 18, 2010


Your personal information management center. Connect all your web services, from Facebook to YouTube to Picasa and keep them in all in one place. Drag and drop files, send messages, and edit them in one spot. URL: MyWeboo

Monday, May 10, 2010


A start page maker where you set four of your favorite websites as the homepage. Users simply pick four favorites and set it as the start page in their browsers. URL: Fav4

Friday, Mar 5, 2010


A personal assistant in your iPhone. Speak your tasks into your phone and have Siri connect to services and make plans for you. Just like a real assistant, Siri understands what you say, accomplishes tasks for you and adapts to your preferences over time. URL: Siri

Friday, Feb 5, 2010


Makes it simple to keep your notes from meetings, events and presentations organised. URL: Ketchup

Thursday, Jan 14, 2010


Simple, browser-based to-do application. Currently free. Features include deleting tasks, moving tasks, and creating a week overview of tasks. URL: teuxdeux

Monday, Dec 14, 2009

Build It With Me

A tool that connects design & development entrepreneurs. It exists to make creating apps easier by connecting you with like-minded designers & developers with the same goal: create cool & useful apps. URL: Build It With Me

Saturday, Dec 5, 2009


Collaborative CRM meets project management. URL: Solve360

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2009

VJ Movement

Professional video journalists, and editorial cartoonists are connected with the public. Real people pitch story ideas and suggestions to the site, which are then voted on and produced professionally and exclusively for the site. Video journalists and editorial cartoonists are welcome to apply. To join as a member requires a $50 introductory subscription. Currently in […]

Friday, Nov 13, 2009


A real-time collaboration environment that helps teams organize the flow of information, talk things over and work together towards common goals seamlessly on the web. [Beta] URL: Flowdock

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2009