A fun and easy way to share what you’re using for your favorite activities and to discover new things you’ll love through your friends. URL: Bagcheck

Saturday, Dec 18, 2010


A personalized local business recommendation engine that helps individuals find the best places to eat, shop, and play based on the spots already known and loved by the community. URL: Bizzy

Friday, Nov 5, 2010

Naked Apartments

A New York-centric apartment matchmaking site between renters, brokers, and landlords. Renters can create a profile, get a free credit check, and write and read reviews of brokers. Brokers have the ability to view renters’ credit scores and income, and contact renters directly. Note: You do have to provide some personal information, such as your […]

Monday, Mar 8, 2010

Eat Your Books

Offers a way to locate recipes from your cookbooks as easily as you find recipes online. Connect with other cookbook lovers, add your own cookbooks to your queue, and plan your menus using the site’s tool. You can do the 30-day free trial, pay $25 for an annual membership, or for a limited time, $50 […]

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010


A book-based social website created by publishing house HarperCollins. Upload, recommend and rate manuscripts from users. The most popular ones will get the attention from HarperCollins and may even lead to book deals. URL: Authonomy

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010


A fashion destination for the style-conscious. Post pictures of your daily outfits, rate outfits, poll others on your outfits, and connect with other style mavens. URL: chictopia

Monday, Jan 18, 2010


Personalized suggestions. Don’t search through hundreds of conflicting reviews from people who are nothing like you. The recommendation engine finds other users with tastes like yours and other places that are like your favorite places. URL: TheSuggestr

Thursday, Dec 10, 2009


Create your own personal lookbook. Design, rate and browse outfits from both mainstream and independent brands. URL: Shmotter

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2009