A travelers decision engine that helps answer the question of “Where can I go?” This personalized recommendation system helps travelers discover new and exciting experiences, based on budget and interests. URL: Wanderfly

Tuesday, Jan 11, 2011


An affordable alternative to staying in hotels. A marketplace for short-term rentals, appealing to travelers. Post “shoutouts” so hosts will know where you want to stay, and pick your host based on their reputation score, calculated based on user feedback. URL: Roomorama

Friday, Jul 23, 2010


Direct short-term rental for three groups: home rentals, office rentals and short-term rentals for groups and events. Renters and hosts deal directly with each other, instead of through a third party. URL: iStopover

Thursday, Jul 22, 2010


Advanced map planner that can search and map multiple routes, and gives you the best overall results. You can export results to Google or to your GPS device. Available as an app for the iPhone. URL: Route4Me

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010


Travel site allowing private residents and commercial properties to rent out their space to travelers. Listings can range from private rooms to castles. URL: AirBnB

Monday, Jul 19, 2010


Crowdsourced traffic application that enables drivers to contribute real-time information on everything from road conditions to quickest routes to gas deals. Waze

Friday, Dec 4, 2009


Helps you plan a recreational tour. Routes aren’t always the shortest or fastest roads but guide you along the most interesting or nicest paths. Once planned, you can print your tour or let your GPS/mobile device guide you. URL: RouteYou

Monday, Nov 30, 2009


Turns your iPhone camera into a translator. Take a picture of any high-quality text, from road signs to menu items, and get translations for foreign languages including French, Polish and Turkish, among others. Some languages include text pronunciation. URL: PicTranslator

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2009

Crash the Inauguration

A guide by AirBedandBreakfast for people who want to go to the US Presidential Inauguration but don’t have tickets. So far, over 800 Washington DC locals have added their rooms. Guests can book a room online securely using their credit card or Paypal account. Hosts can list extra space like a couch, extra bed, or […]

Wednesday, Jan 7, 2009


A user-rated tourist guide booking tool. The site launched in July 2008 with over 400 private tourist guides covering more than 80 countries worldwide, making it the biggest professional tourist guide directory in the world. URL: OurExplorer.

Friday, Aug 29, 2008


“Travel site meets Evite.” Lets you create a trip homepage, invite people, manage RSVPs, upload important files, create a photo gallery, see top tours for your destination, and plan via message board. There’s a Facebook-style newsfeed that shows what everyone on your trip’s doing. Also, there’s an integrated air, hotel, car, tour booking into the […]

Wednesday, Aug 20, 2008


A travel site that helps you answer the question, “Where should I go?” The site starts by recommending weekend trips close to you. All of the trips are crafted by experts – they don’t include poor-quality writing and they don’t scrape third-party websites. URL: Trazzler.

Thursday, Jul 17, 2008

Offbeat Guides

Personalized, on-demand travel guides using the most up to date information around, covering over 30,000 travel destinations. [Private Beta. Currently accepting invitation requests] URL: Offbeat Guides.

Monday, Jun 2, 2008


A travel home page for people during trips and a mashup that brings local information from over 4,000 destinations, travel related services, trip blogging and a lively community. URL: TripTouch.

Saturday, Feb 23, 2008


Track flight status, airport delays and other flight and airport information. URL: FlightStats.

Wednesday, Dec 19, 2007


A web-based personal travel assistant that automatically organizes all your travel plans. Organize your vacation and business travel – no matter where you book, automatically get itineraries with all your plans, weather, maps, restaurants and more, easily access your itineraries via paper, email, personal calendar or mobile device, whare your trips and travel calendars with […]

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2007


Road trip planner and online travel guide. All of the content is original with hundred of pages covering everything from Skiing to Zoos to Architecture to History to Fall Foliage. Also developing a trip planner that will allow users to add all of the attractions they find on the site into an easy to use […]

Thursday, Sep 20, 2007


Airfare prediction website that helps you know when and where to buy airfare. (Originally posted to eHub on June 1, 2006) URL: Farecast.

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2006