eHub Interviews PrivatelyApp

eHub Interviews PrivatelyApp

Visit PrivatelyApp, originally added to eHub on Jan 14, 2011. eHub: What is your web application/service about? PrivatelyApp: is a great way to have a private conversation with Twitter users. Your friends, collegues, acquaintances, and just about anyone who might have a connection or interest in common with you. I see as a […]

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2011


Tweet publicly, converse privately meaning have in-depth discussions with your Twitter followers. Simply Direct Message the person you’re tweeting with a private URL where the two of you can continue the discussion. No sign up necessary, everything works via Twitter. Better yet, you can invite multiple people to join the discussion. Although, currently an invite-only […]

Friday, Jan 14, 2011


A mashup that lets you view other people’s Twitter timelines. URL: TwtRoulette

Sunday, Sep 26, 2010

Organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag. URL:

Monday, Aug 23, 2010


Twitter for designers, developers and other creative people to show off their in-progress projects with small screenshots. Images must be 400×300 pixels or less. You can tag, comment, and follow other people and their work. URL: Dribbble

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010

Like it? Tweet it!

“Like it? Tweet it!” is a jQuery-powered JavaScript widget that enables visitors to your website or blog to write a tweet about the site directly in a box displayed in the corner of the website, with a link to the site already embedded in the input field. URL: Like it? Tweet it!

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2010

Search your friend’s tweets by keyword, see trending topics, and toggle between list, grid and map view. URL:

Monday, Jan 4, 2010


An analytic service for Twitter which allow you to track the clicks on your links. URL: Twilitics

Monday, Dec 28, 2009


Create a printed personalized notebook with your tweets. URL: TweetNotebook

Monday, Dec 21, 2009

Twitter Times

Create a personal newspaper generated from your Twitter feeds. Free to use. URL: Twitter Times

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2009


A service that lets you surprise your friends and relatives with gifts, even if the only details you have are their Twitter ID or email address. URL: SendSocial

Monday, Nov 23, 2009

Social photo sharing. Easily post your photos to Twitter. URL:

Friday, Nov 20, 2009

Tweets of Fury

Secretly submit scandalous information about your friends and challenge each other to a face off battle in a best-of-3 game of rock, paper, scissors. The loser gets the winner’s secret message posted to his/her Twitter account for the world to see. URL: Tweets of Fury

Thursday, Nov 19, 2009


A place to display only the tweets you’re interested in from everywhere on Twitter, use it to track hashtags, usernames, and keywords. URL: Tweetwally

Wednesday, Nov 18, 2009


Tweetboard is a fun and engaging micro-forum type application for your website. It pulls your Twitter stream in near real-time (max 1 min delay), reformatting tweets into threaded conversations with unlimited nesting. [Alpha] URL: Tweetboard

Monday, Nov 16, 2009

Tweet Blocker

A free resource for Twitter users and application developers that catalogs and ranks the top spammers on Twitter, allowing users to quickly and easily fend off spammers. URL: Tweet Blocker.

Wednesday, Aug 5, 2009


Want to know who’s stalking your profile, this new application lets you view the last 200 people who came to visit your twitter profile. update: via Twitter Spam: If you gave your login and password info to TwitViewer, we strongly suggest you change your password now. Thanks! (thanks to Dave for the heads up) just […]

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2009


A tool for twitter users who want to follow the top people in the areas of their interest. URL: Followformation.

Wednesday, Jul 15, 2009


Lets you rate tweets so you can find the most interesting, relevant tweets first. It’s like a spam filter for your Twitter account. Currently in private beta but eHub users can get immediate access via the link. URL: Philtro.

Monday, Jun 29, 2009


CoTweet is a business platform that helps companies reach and engage customers using Twitter while supporting both proactive marketing communication and response-driven customer support [Private Beta]. URL: CoTweet.

Thursday, Jun 18, 2009


Tweexchange presents a forum for Twitter members to exchange or assume Twitter usernames from other existing members once they reach an agreement. URL: Tweexchange.

Monday, May 4, 2009


A desktop client for twitter. Follow friends and trends, topics of your interest, and tweet as much as you want. Twittm is fast, clean and unobtrusive. It runs on Mac and PC, maybe Linux. It’s still in active development. URL: Twittm.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Discover like-minded users to connect with, Add keywords to help others to find you. Endorse your favorite people and brands and Reduce the “noise” and connect with the best of twitter. Yes its another Twitter client. URL: twindexx.

Tuesday, Apr 28, 2009


A mailer application that gives you a wealth of information from the people that are interested in you on Twitter. Simply substitute your primary email address with the autogenerated Twimailer address and save yourself from the bland Twitter emails that take up your day. URL: Twimailer.

Thursday, Mar 5, 2009


tweetCC makes it easy for you to offer your tweets under a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication or other Creative Commons licenses. Allows other people who want to reproduce your tweets to do so. URL: tweetCC.

Thursday, Feb 19, 2009


Grooveshark’s brand new site showing you exactly what Twitter is listening to by aggregating what’s posted to Twitter from tons of music sites, Twisten.FM shows you what’s new and what’s hot. URL: Twisten.FM.

Friday, Feb 13, 2009

Helps you share music on Twitter. Simply submit a link to an mp3 file you

Monday, Feb 2, 2009