Share photos on Twitter by uploading your photos to TwitPic and posting the URL to it directly to your Twitter. URL: TwitPic.

Monday, Feb 11, 2008


A platform for all types of travelers (from adventure, to business, to tourist). Provide information about who to buy your airfare from (airfare meta search engine), what to do and see when you get to your location (wiki style travel guides), which hotels to check out (user generated reviews), and where to get some great […]

Monday, Feb 11, 2008

Who’s the Best Presidential Candidate for the Open Source Community?

Whurley asks an important question, “which U.S. presidential candidate is best for the open source community?” Have an opinion? Share it in this poll.

Friday, Feb 8, 2008


Test your email and web site designs. The paid service delivers screenshots of your web sites and email newsletters in seconds across all popular platforms. Try it free for a week. URL: Litmus.

Thursday, Feb 7, 2008


An Adobe AIR Application that lets you search for videos, play them in a list, create a collection, and throw the media around much like the Microsoft Silverlight applications. Download UVLayer and share with friends on Facebook, save your collections and see what they’re watching too. [Beta] URL: uvlayer.

Wednesday, Feb 6, 2008


An online publishing service and a creative community dedicated to publishing. With Issuu (pronounced “issue”) anyone can convert their PDF documents into interactive online publications. URL: Issuu.

Tuesday, Feb 5, 2008


An incredibly simple, online address book, with no frivolous features to slow you down. URL: Flexadex.

Monday, Feb 4, 2008


A next generation newsletter service which allows any RSS feed from published content, like a blog, to be converted into an automated email newsletter readers can subscribe to. Offers unique features such as flexible scheduling, the ability to combine multiple feeds into a single campaign, open-rate and click-through-rate tracking, fully-customized templates, and ad-supported free accounts. […]

Monday, Feb 4, 2008


An all purpose notes and personal information manager accessible through your Internet web browser. Access your personal notes from anywhere. UberNote performs like a desktop application, lightning fast, context menus, drag and drop but with the advantages of being on the web. Leave it open all day and use it as part of your everyday […]

Monday, Feb 4, 2008


A collection of community-built lists that help visitors find new stuff like movies, music, and just about anything else. Topics are created by users and imported from lists around the web. URL: Seekler.

Monday, Feb 4, 2008


A new recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with the ingredients you have at home. To begin, simply start adding ingredients you have. The more ingredients you add, the better the results will be. URL: SuperCook.

Friday, Feb 1, 2008

The world’s first social database (alpha). Works with Twitter. Post and search events, videos, and jobs. More to come. URL:

Thursday, Jan 31, 2008


A community-based photo sharing site. Even if you have no photos to share you can rate popular and upcoming photos. It’s simple enough for anyone to use while still having the major features you expect from a photo sharing site. URL: Tagmee.

Thursday, Jan 31, 2008


A web based online project management system that offers teams a complete project environment, rich social networking features, and a revolutionary way to manage uncertainty. [Beta] URL: LiquidPlanner.

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008


A bookmarking service that saves dynamically generated pages produced with CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and database driven technologies, like PHP and ASP in their current state so instead of bookmarking links you’re bookmarking web page images. [Private Beta] URL: Iterasi.

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2008


A blogging engine designed to be very lightweight while retaining functionality. It is driven by PHP and MySQL (with some AJAX thrown in). Features a theme and module engine so you can personalize it however you want. URL: Chyrp.

Monday, Jan 28, 2008


An extension for Firefox that aims to be “TiVo for the web”. Record the content of web pages you’re browsing to view, revisit or search later. URL: WebMynd.

Sunday, Jan 27, 2008


Filters an assortment of local news by location so you can keep track of what’s happening on your block, in your neighborhood and all over city. Currently available for Chicago, New York and San Francisco. URL: EveryBlock.

Thursday, Jan 24, 2008


An interactive, collaborative and educational green community web site bringing together individuals, communities, organizations and corporations to help people earn, partner and make incremental positive environmental changes in their daily lives and communities. URL: Greenopolis.

Thursday, Jan 24, 2008


A two prong service – a consumer search engine for places to live and a technology platform for realtors. It’s a real estate search engine that sits on top a network of real-estate broker sites. It helps you begin your search by enabling you to access the most comprehensive and current inventory of available properties […]

Thursday, Jan 24, 2008


The “world’s first personal manufacturing platform.” It’s the online space for a community of creators and consumers to use a global network of digital manufacturing hardware to co-create, make and trade individualized product ideas on demand.The marketplace connects creators, consumers, digital manufacturing hardware and service providers to promote, make and trade products on Ponoko and […]

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2008


A new social commerce site that enables individuals to make extra money by setting up a digital lemonade stand on their social networking profile, blog or personal website to sell and promote personally selected products/services. URL: Lemonade.

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2008


A multi-country social network microblog that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers. You can use it to write brief text updates and publish them, meet friends and keep up on what they are doing. Offers a variety of ways to connect with the people you care about on the Web, […]

Monday, Jan 21, 2008


A service that alerts you by SMS whenever your favorite RSS feed is updated. URL: Pingie.

Monday, Jan 21, 2008


Download the free application and it automatically optimizes your PC’s power consumption by using a more effective power save mode. You will be able to see your savings in real-time translated to more environmental terms such as how many trees and gallons of oil you have saved. URL: LocalCooling.

Friday, Jan 18, 2008


iMantri is an online peer-to-peer community for seeking and offering mentoring and coaching. Tap into the wisdom of your peers and share your gifts with others. URL: iMantri.

Thursday, Jan 17, 2008


A fluid social network and Google map mashup for sharing personal experiences including photos, videos, sound and text all in real-time, located on a world map. URL: bliin.

Thursday, Jan 17, 2008


A news aggregation service that learns what you like to read about by how you rate the stories you do read with the thumbs-up or thumbs-down then Tiinker adapts to show you the most interesting stories from the world over. URL: tiinker.

Monday, Jan 14, 2008


A new blogging platform available in two editions. The Portal edition meant for setting up and running large-scale blogging platforms for multiple users, while the Community Edition is for setting up community blog or group blogs. URL: Collablog.

Friday, Jan 11, 2008


Tell the public what places in your city make you happy, satisfied, or rip-roaring mad…in 100 characters or less. URL: PlaceShout.

Friday, Jan 11, 2008