Mixed micromedia content for mobile devices. Consume and create multimedia-rich information in portable, navigable, instantly sharable, packages called pods, viewable on web-enabled mobile devices (like the iPhone) and other small form factor windows (iGoogle, myYahoo etc). Each pod is a creative collage of images, videos, audio, feeds, search results and other web or desktop content […]

Thursday, Jan 10, 2008


Actual sale prices for cars and trucks that people paid – not estimates. Prices have been submitted by actual people. URL: PriceHub.

Thursday, Jan 10, 2008


Don’t just tell people what you are doing, show them with this service that allows users to upload, via the web or email, videos and aggregate those videos into Twitter, the same way a standard Twitter update happens. To use the Twiddeo service users authenticate with their Twitter username and password to enable web uploads […]

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2008

Wikia Search

An open source search engine based on trusted user feedback from a community of users acting together in an open, transparent, public way. [In alpha] URL: Wikia Search.

Monday, Jan 7, 2008


Convert large URLs into short, memorable ones. URL: SwiftyURL.

Sunday, Jan 6, 2008


A flash calling card maker that allows to create badges using an online editor, set them as your email signature, post them as widgets on the web, promote your content with flash flyers, add avatars, icons and emoticons. You can then embed the code into any HTML enabled website. URL: Hyplet.

Friday, Jan 4, 2008


A New York city apartment rental website with broker reviews, searchable local interest information (such as restaurants, stores, and schools), and public transportation information combined together in an Google maps mashup. URL: FlyRig.

Friday, Jan 4, 2008


This free video management/subscription service allows you to save, send, post, and share videos with your friends via your mobile phone. Mywaves works on virtually any phone capable of streaming video (formats .avi, .flv, .mpg, .mov, .mp4, .wmv). [Disclaimer: Phone charges may occur per usage.] URL: mywaves.

Thursday, Jan 3, 2008

World Community Grid

A company with a mission to create the “largest public computing grid benefiting humanity. Donate the time your computer is turned on, but is idle, to projects that benefit humanity. We provide the secure software that does it all for free, and you become part of a community that is helping to change the world. […]

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2008


An internet start-up that aims to change all that by providing cheap – or free – wireless networks through a $US49 wireless device. Plug it in to your internet connection and it will instantly provide shared access to other users up to 50 meters away. URL: Meraki.

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2008


A reminding service that helps you remember ideas, images, appointments, and just about anything you can tell it to. There is no software required, just your voice, it works with any phone or web browser. [Beta] URL: reQall.

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2008


A web application aimed at translators and designed by a translator, featuring a translation editor, versioning and tagging, document management, dictionary management and social features. URL: Ebiwrite.

Monday, Dec 31, 2007


A fun way to share Flickr photos in real time. Invite your friends, search together, chat and comment all at once. [Limited beta] URL: Photophlow.

Monday, Dec 31, 2007


A free service which allows you to catalogue your favorite films. The service uses the Amazon.com database – while you browse Amazon DVD, you can easily add a film you are viewing to your collection of favorites. You can assign tags and comment on the entry. Your film collection is publicly available, and you can […]

Monday, Dec 31, 2007


A user-generated content site for travelers, by travelers. It allows you to keep track of your travels, share your trip photos, reviews, and blogs with friends and family, as well as research destinations before you book a trip. [Private alpha] URL: Driftr.

Monday, Dec 31, 2007


A web-based service that helps you read and understand your DNA. After providing a saliva sample using an at-home kit, the site provides interactive tools to shed new light on your distant ancestors, your close family and most of all, yourself. Costs $999.00 per kit. (Disclosure: 23andMe was a client of eHub founder, Emily Chang) […]

Sunday, Dec 30, 2007

Hi Everywhere!

A volunteer local tour guide exchange network that aims to connect people from all over the world. URL: Hi Everywhere!.

Thursday, Dec 27, 2007


A “conversation community” built around the U.S. 2008 elections that features community voting around user’s political opinions, profiles to track user commentary and ratings, and more. URL: Why08.

Friday, Dec 21, 2007

Designer Pages

A social network for architects and interior designers to find products and collaborate. URL: Designer Pages.

Thursday, Dec 20, 2007


A social networking site devoted to alternative fuel sources, AlternativeEnergy.com has all the features you could want from a well designed niche community portal. The site boasts a clean unassuming design,easy navigation, and the ability to quickly customize your content. Aside from the usual community features like photos, videos, and groups, you’ll find jobs, coaches, […]

Monday, Dec 17, 2007


It’s a week before the Christmas holiday, you’re tech-savvy enough to have ordered all your gifts online, but now you’ve got an email box full of package tracking numbers from a dozen companies and you need to know they’ll reach their destinations in time. You need TrackThePack. Now you can go to one website to […]

Monday, Dec 17, 2007

CSS Text Wrapper

The CSS Text Wrapper allows you to easily make HTML text wrap in shapes other than just a rectangle. You can make text wrap around curves, zig-zags, or whatever you want. All you have to do is draw using the left and right edges on the dashboard provided on their site then copy the generated […]

Monday, Dec 17, 2007


Connects internet shoppers directly with independent designers, artists, and entrepreneurs. The goal is to make it super-easy to find (and buy) great products straight from the source. URL: Supermarket.

Friday, Dec 14, 2007


At Twitter.com you only have 140 characters to tell your story. When you use TwitterMail they keep the full message on hand and post the first 140 characters to Twitter with a ‘Read More’ link at the end. Along with replies and schedules just send an email to a Twittermail address and it will be […]

Friday, Dec 14, 2007


A service that hopes to “help you find your internet twin.” The service aggregate the information that you have on all your social site profiles (MySpace, Last.fm, del.icio,us, etc). It uses this information to find the people most similar to you. There’s no need to provide any new information – simply enter the links to […]

Thursday, Dec 13, 2007


An easy to use web application dedicated to the creating, sharing, and viewing of book lists. Start out by browsing some of the featured lists and then open a free account and start creating lists of your own. URL: 22books.

Thursday, Dec 13, 2007


A place where locals share recommendations. You can ask for recommendations of places with “beer and an open fire” or tell the world about a spot that makes great tamales. You can follow people, places and lists so you’re always up to date on the best spots in your neighborhood. URL: Docoloco.

Wednesday, Dec 12, 2007


A global platform for donations, Throwplace.com is a place where corporations and individuals from around the world can list overstock, excess inventory, or other usable items as “throws”. A nonprofit, business, or even an individual can look through the “throws” for items that they need. Throwplace.com requires a registered account. Listing a “throw” is free. […]

Wednesday, Dec 12, 2007


An advanced office 2.0 database service. Create and maintain secure, flexible, scalable, robust web applications quickly and easily right from your web browser. Configure everything from security at the row or field level to the look and feel with your own custom CSS. Search and sort anything. Build reports automatically or configure your own custom […]

Wednesday, Dec 12, 2007


A project management software that helps teams work together by tracking, prioritizing, and coordinating the thousands of small tasks a development team has to do. URL: FogBugz.

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2007