A web meeting service based on an open source platform which is a browser-based web 2.0 service that allows anybody to share their desktop, show slides, as well as talk, listen, chat, and broadcast via webcam. Dimdim is also a hosted service that is available for free and can be easily used for small gatherings, […]

Thursday, Sep 27, 2007


Create applications just like a programmer, even if you’re not a programmer. App2you helps businesses, non-profits, and clubs create hosted database applications that manage things like personel recruiting and event planning. Choose from available templates or create an app from scratch by simply sketching the information flow. URL: app2you.

Thursday, Sep 27, 2007


A visual browser that lets you search and organize items from different web services like Amazon, Ebay, YouTube or Flickr in an intuitive way. URL: oSkope.

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2007


A 3D Web community where anyone can create, share and explore interactive 3D scenes in their browser. SceneCaster also connects the online 3D experience to eCommerce sites such as eBay and Amazon, product catalogs from leading manufacturers and retailers, and to social networks such as FaceBook and Flickr. URL: SceneCaster.

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2007


Use any phone to control your radio listening schedule. Available free ad-supported or by ad-free subscription, Cellecast offers a dial-in phone number where you can listen to select radio programming and podcasts on demand. They are currently operating in “sneak preview” mode and offer a short-but-encouraging list of broadcasts. URL: Cellecast.

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2007


A simple web application which allows you to take any RSS feed from content you publish (like a blog), and convert it into an automated email newsletter your readers can subscribe to. URL: Nourish.

Tuesday, Sep 25, 2007


A simple web-based system for managing help tickets, with Public Help Forms, Comment Tracking, and Email Integration. URL: Ticketish.

Tuesday, Sep 25, 2007


A social workspace and music collaboration tool for musicians. Use it to compose new music with other artists around the world. Whenever you got an idea for a song, record a track, upload it, then invite others to add drums, bass, vocals or anything else to it. URL: Kompoz.

Monday, Sep 24, 2007


A place where deal finders from all over can track down the hottest deals, share them with their fellow bargain hunters, and even earn cool prizes in the process. URL: Snoopr.

Monday, Sep 24, 2007


Find out how much people in your area actually pay for out of pocket medical expenses. OutOfPocket.com is a grassroots initiative that wants people to reveal the true cost of routine health care services in order to create meaningful competition among providers. Millions of consumers know how difficult it is to find out how much […]

Sunday, Sep 23, 2007

Rails Forum

The largest forum dedicated to Ruby on Rails. Also see Rails Work, a job board for Ruby on Rails. URL: Rails Forum.

Saturday, Sep 22, 2007


An application developed to address a need for easy file collaboration without the need for yet another user account. Written in Ruby on Rails. URL: Docushare.

Friday, Sep 21, 2007


A registration-only online community that connects coworkers and colleagues with groups, blogs, media sharing, and privacy. URL: Workclan.

Friday, Sep 21, 2007


The site automatically filters, aggregates, and sorts financial news to provide an instant snapshot of what

Friday, Sep 21, 2007


A free digital sketchpad that users can share online in real time. Like pen and paper, minus the dead trees, plastic, and the inconvenience of being at the same place at the same time. URL: Scriblink.

Thursday, Sep 20, 2007


With over 18,000 books available for free, a WAP-enabled mobile site, and suggestions on how to read and save ebooks on your iPhone, ManyBooks.net offers something for nearly everyone. The site features a minimalist interface and simple navigation, as well as user reviews and over a dozen file formats for download. If you spend any […]

Wednesday, Sep 19, 2007


Ever give up on an event or idea just because finding the time when everyone was available was just too much hassle? With vern2, you simply send out the email and let the application do the work. There’s not even any registration. You copy vern2 on the email and recipients are presented with a calendar […]

Wednesday, Sep 19, 2007


Leave your wallet at home and pay using your cell phone and pin number. Ever find out a store has a dollar minimum for credit card purchases? Or you left your wallet at home only to find you needed it? MobiBucks wants to put an end to such problems. MobiBucks is free, secure, and lets […]

Tuesday, Sep 18, 2007


A video “comment” widget you can embed into any HTML enabled page, to allow your readers to leave video messages from a webcam or video-enabled phone. URL: blipBack.

Tuesday, Sep 18, 2007


New online website or web page creator with an emphasis on simplicity. Uses wiki-like editing and has controls for private, public, or open to edit by all. URL: Jottit.

Monday, Sep 17, 2007


Create a unique beat loop that sounds just like you, then show it anywhere on and off the web. The sounds are individually rendered, based on a personal questionnaire. They can also be accessed via a permalink and downloaded to be used as a ringtone, Skype sound or whatever you like. Designed and developed from […]

Sunday, Sep 16, 2007


Help create a “living manifesto of love and action, a ribbon long enough to stretch around the planet, six inches at a time.” Help show your love for the earth by creating your own panel. Choose a picture or upload your own, answer the questions, and come back later to update your progress or see […]

Sunday, Sep 16, 2007

Panraven Beta

Create photo books to tell your stories. Panraven Beta helps you tell your stories through words and pictures. Share your stories with the public, with just your friends, or keep them private. Choose from various templates available and even print a hard-bound book. Stories are free, books begin at $29.95. URL: Panraven Beta.

Saturday, Sep 15, 2007


Designed for ebook readers and other mobile devices, FeedBooks helps you find public domain and creative commons materials, publish and share your own content, or create your own pdf newspaper from popular RSS feeds. This site is specifically for the Sony PRS-500 & iRex iLiad, however, downloads are available in pdf format as well. URL: […]

Friday, Sep 14, 2007


A beta download AIR based Instant Messenger that connects to MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, GTalk, AIM, Flickr, YouTube, and other social networks. URL: AirTalkr.

Friday, Sep 14, 2007

Drinking To The Web

Alcohol is all about socializing, which makes it the perfect experimental playground for Internet junkies and drunkards. There are all sorts of tools for finding the perfect wine, keeping in touch with other fans of your favorite beers, or mixing the perfect cocktails to show off for your next party. I believe that as with […]

Thursday, Sep 13, 2007


A new way for customers and organizations to work together to get answers, solve problems, and share ideas to create new and better products & services. “People-powered customer service.” URL: Satisfaction.

Thursday, Sep 13, 2007


Stream your songs from more than one machine at a time. Is your music scattered across disparate PC’s? Are you never sure which computer you’ll be in front of next? Download the client software on each machine, select the directories where your music hides, and you can stream your songs from any web interface. URL: […]

Wednesday, Sep 12, 2007

NowThen Beta

Snap a photo with your mobile, upload it to NowThen,Beta, and your friends and family see it instantly. NowThen Beta lets you capture your life as it’s happening and save it for the future. URL: NowThen Beta.

Wednesday, Sep 12, 2007


Access and manipulate data straight from the web with this specialty browser from Kirix. Strata allows you to reformat and integrate the data you find on the web right in the browser. Create reports and mashups, and grab local data from your desktop. Strata is built on Mozilla’s Gecko layout engine. URL: Strata.

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007