Flash-based online diagramming and flow-charting tool. Draw nearly any type of diagram, store it online, and export it to your desktop. URL: DrawAnywhere.com.

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007


Is a place where web designers and developers collaborate to create an ultimate collection of web tools. URL: Protolize.

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2007


A community aimed at Ruby on Rails developers with the goal of improving documentation through an easily updated wiki and a social, tag-able environment. URL: RailsLodge.

Monday, Sep 10, 2007


Plug yourself in and jam with your friends. Think of it like collaboration and video conference software for musicians. Using Musigy, musicians 3,000 miles apart participated in the world’s first real-time virtual jazz conference. Musigy is now making this available for everyone. URL: Musigy.

Monday, Sep 10, 2007


An online interactive sitemap and site-planning tool that lets you plan your website information architecture online, without HTML, and with the ability to share and collaborate with others (clients, copyeditors, developers, etc). URL: Jumpchart.

Monday, Sep 10, 2007

Copper Project

An online project management and collaboration tool used by commercial teams to efficiently share projects, tasks, files, contacts and events anywhere, anytime. URL: Copper Project.

Saturday, Sep 8, 2007


A multimedia presentation application that puts your video side by side with your PowerPoint slides. Aims to fill a very specific niche by allowing you to show video of your presentation in sync with the presentation slides. Possible applications include distance learning, offsite training, or recorded press releases. Also has a social side with friends, […]

Friday, Sep 7, 2007

Big Filebox

An online data storage management system that allows you to create an account, deposit up to 15GB of data and collaborate (share) your data with others using a secure one time login “token” system. URL: Big Filebox.

Thursday, Sep 6, 2007


Create word clouds for all occasions. Rainmaker creates completely customized word clouds. Provide a website, piece of text, or a list of phrases. Change the background, styles, or font. Create a hyperlink for each word in your cloud. You can save your cloud or save the code to add to your existing site or blog. […]

Thursday, Sep 6, 2007


A new, free, simple way to send announcements and reminders over the phone, recorded in your own voice. URL: Phonevite.

Thursday, Sep 6, 2007

Jott Links

Post to blogs and social networking sites with just your voice. Jott Links is a new feature from Jott.com that lets you use your mobile phone to post to sites like Twitter, Blogger, 30 Boxes, or LiveJournal. Your message is posted with the transcribed text as well as a link so visitors can actually hear […]

Thursday, Sep 6, 2007


“Taking flickr photos out of context.” The site generates a new Flickr photo every day from user tags. Members submit creative captions and everyone rates captions. The winner is chosen at midnight and a new tag chosen from their pool for the next day. URL: DailyCaption.

Thursday, Sep 6, 2007

XMG Image

A new online image management and sharing application. Features standard to advanced image manipulation features, as well as editing, sharing and hosting. URL: XMG Image.

Wednesday, Sep 5, 2007

TouchGraph Google Browser

Use this free Java app to visually explore connections between websites. TouchGraph Google Browser allows you to view the results of Google’s “similar sites” search on a dynamic flexible graph. Try it by typing “eHub” and watch what happens! URL: TouchGraph Google Browser.

Wednesday, Sep 5, 2007

Amnesty Hypercube

This widget management software allows you to move web widgets, games and videos out of your browser and onto your desktop. Public alpha available now also available for OS X. URL: Amnesty Hypercube.

Tuesday, Sep 4, 2007

YAML Builder

Online tool designed for visual development of YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout) based CSS layouts. URL: YAML Builder.

Tuesday, Sep 4, 2007


Rediscover the digital music experience with this new community. Voice your opinions, find people and information to connect with, and get recommendations from your peers. URL: Soundcrank.

Tuesday, Sep 4, 2007


Free web-based screenwriting software that you can use to write/collaborate with as many or as few people as you like. URL: Plotbot.

Monday, Sep 3, 2007


Lets the everyday movie fan get involved in the creative aspects of the feature film making process. The goal is to take a movie pitch, voted on by the users, through all the phases of film development with the community contributing using online collaboration tools. URL: FilmForay.

Monday, Sep 3, 2007

Project San Dimas

An eBay desktop application that provides a new search interface, a fun way to bid, access to your personal eBay history, and much more. Just announced and in very early stages. URL: Project San Dimas.

Sunday, Sep 2, 2007


A fun way to explore and view Flickr photos by user, groups and tags. You can also copy and paste code to link to the page you’re viewing. URL: Flickriver.

Saturday, Sep 1, 2007

My Memorizer

A reminding service in the form of a web calendar that you can add events or subscribe to shared groups in addition with an e-mail and Mobile SMS/Text Message reminder alert service. URL: My Memorizer.

Friday, Aug 31, 2007


Desktop sharing and social networking mashup, Yuuguu, lets you share screens and applications with your friends and coworkers. Know when your contacts are on or off, and speak or message to individuals or groups. Yuuguu requires a software download. URL: Yuuguu.

Friday, Aug 31, 2007


Drive traffic to your site with a Zimbie Zimbot. A Zimbot shows up as a buddy on IM contacts list. If you’re subscribers are online when you post a new article or update your page, Zimbot IMpReSS (as in IM RSS) will alert your subscribers via IM. ZImbie requires a software download. URL: Zimbie.

Thursday, Aug 30, 2007


Purchase a moment in time to be replayed every year. MyMinutes sells you a minute of the solar calendar where you place a picture, video, text, or link commemorating a special moment of importance in your life. Your minute will be replayed once a year so you can experience that important event or achievement over […]

Thursday, Aug 30, 2007


Part alarm clock, part to-do list, and part mobile networking application, PingMe turns your mobile phone into your task master. Create a Ping, set the date and time, and you’ll get an SMS or email reminding you to do your homework, get milk, or go to that party. Pings are interactive; turn them off or […]

Wednesday, Aug 29, 2007


Access web content through your mobile handset. Created by Wattpad, FeedM8 allows you to select content from any registered blog or news source, or use their rendering application to create your own content. From your mobile handset, you can read your content, search for new content, add feeds to your favorites, or share content with […]

Wednesday, Aug 29, 2007


A lightweight social network and micro blogging application built using PHP and MySQL that you can purchase ($30) and install on your own server. URL: Folkstr.

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007


A plug-in tool you can use to leave notes on any website for family, friends and other users to view and comment on. URL: Stickis.

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007


A desktop software that notifies you of people and things that interest you as well as a social networking software that provides you with an array of features that securely connect you from your desktop to the community. URL: Hiitch.

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2007