A simple content management and syndication tool that allows you to make minor text changes. Its a basic text editor where your enter your text in one place, copy and paste it anywhere, then when you save changes all your copies are changed as well. URL: Texty.

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007


A “culture engine” that allows people from all ethnicities to meet, share and connect. The concept is based on virtual neighborhoods that make up an online city. Each neighborhood has its own characteristics, reputation system, and culture that attracts like-minded people to interact and share. URL: Nuzizo.

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007

My iTunes Widgets

My iTunes widgets are simple, self-updating add-ons for your web page, social-networking profile, or blog. iTunes provides a new way to keep your friends up-to-date with your favorite music, TV shows, movies, and more. URL: My iTunes Widgets.

Monday, Aug 13, 2007

Edgeio Paid Content Widget

Known for aggregating classified ads, Edgeio’s new widget allows you to distribute paid content from your blog or website. Users purchase the content directly through the widget, allowing the entire process to take place without leaving your site. URL: Edgeio Paid Content Widget.

Monday, Aug 13, 2007


An online community for sharing presentations on the web. URL: Slideshare.

Monday, Aug 13, 2007

Open Library

Aims to be a library that collects all the world’s information about all the world’s books and made it available for everyone to view and update. Currently available as a demo site. URL: Open Library.

Monday, Aug 13, 2007


Social Networking, mobile, and web 2.0 news all from one source in a customizable user interface. URL: SocialXperience.

Sunday, Aug 12, 2007

Unleashed Stream

Stream FLV files from a big number of websites for free and with your website logo embedded. URL: Unleashed Stream.

Sunday, Aug 12, 2007

My Mile Marker

A fun little tool to track your fuel economy over time. It charts out your distance traveled over time and compares it to your fuel economy. It’s even mobile accessible. URL: My Mile Marker.

Saturday, Aug 11, 2007


A portfolio tracker and stock trading journal that lets you manage, organize, share, and measure your financial portfolio. URL: SteamStreet.

Friday, Aug 10, 2007


An online service to create and share albums, portfolios and presentations on your own viewbook sub-domain. URL: Viewbook.

Friday, Aug 10, 2007


A free web-based application for taking and sharing notes that is low on features and built for efficiency. Notes that you create can be easily arranged by dragging and dropping them anywhere on the page. You can print, save, share, and search your notes. Easily create bulleted lists and insert hyperlinks. Jjot’s developers focused on […]

Friday, Aug 10, 2007


A financial tool that helps track your spending habits as well as set monthly budgets for yourself. URL: Walletproof.

Thursday, Aug 9, 2007

NPR Podcast Player

A new player powered by SplashCast. Get the newest episodes from selected NPR podcasts delivered to your Facebook profile or any other page on the web. URL: NPR Podcast Player.

Thursday, Aug 9, 2007

Profile Builder

An online identity management platform that allows you to take control of your online identity. Establish a consistent profile across the web, manage what people know about you, present the specific information that different types of people see, enable people to easily find out more about you, and track when and where your profile is […]

Wednesday, Aug 8, 2007


Assess, analyze and rank the popularity of any website on leading social bookmarking sites, identify tags used to describe websites, rank websites according to tag/user popularity, compare and rank competitors, analyze user perception of websites, and identify and track trends (coming soon). URL: Backtags.

Wednesday, Aug 8, 2007


An intuitive, web-based application that lets you easily invoice your clients and get paid faster online. URL: SimplifyThis.

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2007

Pulse by Plaxo

Plaxo’s new social networking app opens it’s doors to the public. Pulse is “all about seeing and sharing.” It expands the current connected address book and calendar application into the social networking arena by showing you what you’re contacts are doing around the internet and allowing you to share photos, playlists, and more with your […]

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2007


A content discovery service that serves relevant information in a widget sidebar. URL: minekey.

Monday, Aug 6, 2007

Jing Project

A free software application that allows you to capture, share, and load images and video from your computer to just about anywhere. URL: Jing Project.

Monday, Aug 6, 2007


A free video aggregation site that features global travel content. Users can search the site for local city guides and find information on restaurants, museums, historical landmarks, and more. URL: Chokti.

Monday, Aug 6, 2007


Publish multi-paged presentations on the web with a familiar desktop publishing style interface. The formatpixel editor allows you to arrange objects, text, and media on your page simply by clicking and dragging. Finished projects are listed in their online directory and can be viewed by anyone using formatpixel’s Flash-based player. Both free and paid accounts […]

Sunday, Aug 5, 2007


Control your spam by creating your own personal contact form. Once you sign up, you’re given a link to give out instead of your email address. The form itself is clean, simple, and offers CAPTCHA protection. Offers a number code snippets to copy and paste into your website, blog, or MySpace page. The form is […]

Saturday, Aug 4, 2007


A interactive flash-based site that uses data from social bookmarking sites like delicious, digg, downfly, reddit and stumbleUpon to produce a turn-page style display. URL: fichey.

Saturday, Aug 4, 2007


Copy a torrent metafile URL, enter it into the site, and get a BitTorrent without the client to go with it. URL: BitLet.

Friday, Aug 3, 2007


A real-time, user-generated content aggregation service. Tracks the number of impressions on a blog that has embedded the widget, rather than depending on the number of votes a story gets, so it generates a more accurate content ranking (and eliminates much of the fraud potential). URL: Spotplex.

Thursday, Aug 2, 2007


Integrated bug tracking system in a community environment. Search for bugs and consult within your community. URL: betabug.

Thursday, Aug 2, 2007


Create enterprise applications online without a degree in Computer Science. Create applications from scratch or choose from a list of free applications. Free applications include HR, CRM, project management, knowledge base, and more. Your applications are able to interact with web services and make use of HTML-based email. Single accounts allowing you to create and […]

Thursday, Aug 2, 2007

My Abodo

This Flash-based site is aimed at kids, but it teaches both kids and adults about what it takes to create an environmentally friendly homes by allowing you to create one yourself. (With your kids, of course!) By selecting and customizing components of the home, you learn about the environmental impact of each choice. The site […]

Wednesday, Aug 1, 2007


Lets you make lists of words -practical lists, words you love, words you hate, whatever. See who else has listed the same words, add citations and comments, and discuss. URL: Wordie.

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2007