Word Source

A new type of dictionary website with a minimal home page and ability to look up words by entering www.word.sc/yourword. Explore and participate in the social dictionary with rating and tagging. URL: Word Source.

Tuesday, Feb 27, 2007

Group Recipes

A recipe and food social networking site that utilizes user histories to predict recipes as well as to compute taste compatibility between users. Refine searches by flavors, recipe tagging, and using the “recipe stumbler.” URL: Group Recipes.

Monday, Feb 26, 2007


Web-based timesheet reporting. Workers, managers, administrators, and/or clients connect on projects to form reporting teams. URL: timeXchange.

Monday, Feb 26, 2007


A niche social networking site and online home and garden magazine where real people can share the love of their homes through pictures and stories. URL: HomeAndTell.

Monday, Feb 26, 2007

UnConference: the Book

A collaborative book project about unconferences, launched by Jimmy Wales at WikiCamp, India’s first unconference on wikis. One of the first books to be authored collaboratively on a wiki with global participation, open information, and a 6 month schedule before its published. URL: UnConference: the Book.

Sunday, Feb 25, 2007


An online space where you share your digital life activities such as browsing the web and listening to music with your friends, family or anyone you care about. URL: Slifeshare.

Friday, Feb 23, 2007

Vidmeter Tracker

A video analytics service that tracks the views and comments of members’ videos across 23 major networks including AtomFilms, Break, Google, Guba, iFilm, Metacafe, Myspace, Revver, Yahoo, YouTube and more; providing detailed web, RSS, and email reports. URL: Vidmeter Tracker.

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007


A new one-stop social communication platform with a dedicated suite of the most in-demand services, including email, SMS, telephony, storage, picture and video sharing. URL: Jubii.

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007


Headlines and abstract of any RSS feed delivered to your email in one single daily digest. Bloggers can also let publishers create their own eNewspapers. URL: SimplyHeadlines.

Thursday, Feb 22, 2007


New search utility that searches across social tools and services and provides queries of more than 250 content providers from one site. URL: CrossEngine.

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2007


A personal search repository/search engine that you build yourself out of the bits and pieces of web sites, PDFs, Word docs and other resources you might have scattered about your hard drive. All PDFs and Word docs are uploaded, scraped of their text, tagged and indexed. Also includes the rCache Collector Firefox extension, the companion […]

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007


Enables every internet user to comment any website of the world “on the website itself.” By adding “zpeech.com/” in front of any URL, a window pops up on the current website URL you have entered and you can add your comments. URL: zpeech.

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007


A place to meet like minded Expats and to share experiences, make business connections and stay connected with your family and friends. URL: Yourville.

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2007

My Data Stream

After a year and a half of using social applications heavily, I recently had to revisit the plan to aggregate all my activity into one data stream. Read more in my blog post and visit my data stream. URL: My Data Stream.

Monday, Feb 19, 2007

Tree Nation

Fighting climate change with 8 million trees and a social community (you). Help plant 8 million trees in Africa in the shape of a huge heart to fight climate change and poverty. Using the map you can buy trees for yourself or offer to send one to someone you love. Plant a tree on a […]

Monday, Feb 19, 2007


A video games & movies rental/trading/selling site. The site allows member to list their items for rent or sell. When someone requests an item, once its been confirmed as sent, then member will get paid PlayCash to use on other games and movies. URL: PlayInterChange.

Monday, Feb 19, 2007


A free web-based application for organizing and sharing thoughts and ideas. Ideas are organized by tag to maximize flexibility. Easily create a social network to share ideas with friends and associates. Collaborate on group projects. URL: Acorn.

Monday, Feb 19, 2007


An online photo printing and media social networking service. URL: SnapGalaxy.

Monday, Feb 19, 2007


Free web conferencing, online meetings, and web collaboration. Works on Mac and Windows. Paid plans with advanced features are available. URL: Yugma.

Monday, Feb 19, 2007


A website that enables you to rate companies related to your job experience and allows job seekers to get the inside scoop on any company. The goal is to encourage companies to promote employee-friendly, purpose-driven, work/life experiences. URL: Peekface.

Sunday, Feb 18, 2007


A photo project that invites visitors to submit a personal photograph with accompanying text (between 300 and 1000 words) to explain the photograph’s significance. The project seeks to highlight the emotions and memories that a special photograph can trigger and allows bloggers to show and tell. URL: 1000words.

Saturday, Feb 17, 2007


“Brainstorming made simple.” Online brainstorming and organizing of ideas based on traditional “word bubbles connected with lines” brainstorm model. URL: bubbl.us.

Thursday, Feb 15, 2007


A form-based software platform, which makes anyone to be able to easily create web software supporting large databases to organize and store a variety of data online, such as accounting, bills, invoices, bookings, orders, address books, contacts, resumes, and so on. URL: Nenest.

Thursday, Feb 15, 2007


A platform for creative people to publish their own work and store and share links and comments on a wide variety of web content. “The pulse of the new generation – news and information from people in the know.” URL: Wis.dm.

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2007

Step It Up

Rally together with other citizens to tell the U.S. government to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. April 14th is world climate day. Organize and mobilize to make a difference. URL: Step It Up.

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2007

Inside Messenger

A newly launched chatbot with natural language that searches Amazon, Orbitz (via web service APIs) and news via RSS feeds. On MSN, you can watch YouTube videos and play games. URL: Inside Messenger.

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2007


Create an online store and choose your products from 1 million items. Currently just opened for the US after a French user base has used it for 5 months. URL: Zlio.

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2007

SXSW Interactive Panel

A few months ago I was asked by Tom Markiewicz, CEO of EvolvePoint, to be on a panel about “Using RSS for Marketing” for the SXSW Interactive Conference coming up March 9-13 and I gladly accepted. Please see my blog post to provide feedback on discussion points. URL: SXSW Interactive Panel.

Monday, Feb 12, 2007


Helps businesses connect with customers through direct cell phone text messaging. Sign up, build your customer lists, and send text message campaigns instantly. URL: Texticate.

Monday, Feb 12, 2007


An instant messenger buddy that works across all major IM networks and offers access to a growing number of web applications, as well as productivity tools like notes, reminders, and to do’s. Aims to helps you get things done faster. eHub Interviews Imified URL: Imified.

Friday, Feb 9, 2007