A new way for people to exchange information using their mobile phone. “Will allow users to maintain contact information, have a digital business card, and never worry about losing touch with the people they meet.” Launch pending. URL: Txtms.

Friday, Sep 15, 2006

Jotlet Online Calendar

An online calendar that helps students, families, and small groups manage and share schedules and calendars. URL: Jotlet Online Calendar.

Wednesday, Sep 13, 2006


Simple mobile task manager. Designed for mobile browsers, motask enables users to easily take their to-do lists with them everywhere. Launching Sept 13. URL: Motask.

Wednesday, Sep 13, 2006


A simple site that aggregates both French and English feeds about Web 2.0. URL: Webtooz.

Wednesday, Sep 13, 2006


A new social bookmarking site focused on sports and games. You can add links, vote on other peoples links, start comment threads on posts, vote on weekly polls, read weekly features, get RSS feeds, search the site and add to the community. URL: SportsLister.

Wednesday, Sep 13, 2006


“A high-performance thought processor that enables you to navigate, view, and link to documents in sophisticated ways. It’s the brainchild of Doug Engelbart, the inventor of hypertext and the mouse, and is the first step towards his larger vision for an Open Hyperdocument System.” URL: HyperScope.

Monday, Sep 11, 2006


An open source software platform designed to allow people to easily connect and share resources. “Allows you to create a social network and host it on your own infrastructure, modifying the features to fit your specific needs.” URL: Elgg.

Monday, Sep 11, 2006


An online community for Canadian university and college students. Buy, sell and trade used textbooks, create profiles and meet new people, post and browse classifieds, promote and find events, find affordable housing, and more. URL: CampusCentral.

Monday, Sep 11, 2006


A community for exchanging used books. Lets you give away books you no longer need in exchange for books you really want. URL: BookMooch.

Sunday, Sep 10, 2006

Totally Scored

A site which provides sports scores via RSS feed. Sports include FIFA World Cup, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, National Basketball Association, NCAA Football, NFL, NHL, Women’s National Basketball Association. URL: Totally Scored.

Saturday, Sep 9, 2006


A new personal shopping website. “Register, ask a question and a Personal Shopper will research your question and locate the items you require. Once found, you will be notified privately via email and will be able to purchase your items using the information provided.” URL: SaveFinder.

Saturday, Sep 9, 2006

Talk Digger

A “web conversation engine” that helps users to find, follow and join conversations evolving on the Internet. (Originally added to eHub on Dec 18, 2005) Frédérick Giasson posts about his new version of Talk Digger and Talk Digger results for www.emilychang.com URL: Talk Digger.

Friday, Sep 8, 2006


A web based organizer for job seekers. Keeps track of your job search activities including conversation notes, “applied to” positions, sent documents – and links it all together with a contact manager, calendar, to-do lists, document creator and position-tracker. URL: Isabont.

Friday, Sep 8, 2006


Generate “safe and secure passwords on the fly for your web applications quickly and easily.” Includes support for hex, so you can create WEP keys in addition to passwords. URL: Safepasswd.

Friday, Sep 8, 2006


A social news application that allows users to share and rate the best and worst in celebrity and pop culture news. Includes a live comment feature that notifies current users when a comment takes place on the site. URL: CulturePopp.

Friday, Sep 8, 2006


A free photoblogging service. URL: Photoblog.

Friday, Sep 8, 2006


A “community dream blog” where you can store, sort, search and share your dream journal with others. URL: Sawlogs.

Friday, Sep 8, 2006


A web-based tool that helps you create, share, and explore booklists. URL: aNobii.

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2006

Associated Content

A community of citizen journalists publishing the “people’s media.” URL: Associated Content.

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2006


Allows users to bookmark “already-online” media and constructs an RSS feed around your bookmarked items, which you can then give out to friends or just subscribe to yourself with iTunes or any other Podcatcher. URL: Podchains.

Tuesday, Sep 5, 2006


UK property search engine. URL: Nestoria.

Sunday, Sep 3, 2006


A simple aggregator for digg/reddit/del.icio.us. The site has keyboard shortcuts to bounce between panes and save links to your del.icio.us account. Made specifically for FireFox and soon for IE. URL: Newspyle.

Saturday, Sep 2, 2006


Lets you save, tag and share your own recipes. Use the menu planner to decide what’s for dinner and then print out a shopping list. URL: RecipeThing.

Saturday, Sep 2, 2006


Task and time tracking using command line. URL: Todo.txt.

Friday, Sep 1, 2006


A set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards. Instead of throwing away what works today, microformats intend to solve simpler problems first by adapting to current behaviors and usage patterns (e.g. XHTML, blogging). URL: Microformats.

Thursday, Aug 31, 2006


The “first and only online travel site with exclusive relationships in place that give consumers access to previously unavailable wholesaler (a.k.a. “consolidators”) inventory and the technology for real-time prices that is not available anywhere else online.” URL: cFares.

Thursday, Aug 31, 2006

Tall Street

An open web directory that lets you search for websites by type and rate those websites. URL: Tall Street.

Thursday, Aug 31, 2006


A compact device that uses the “wireless internet connection you already have to fetch cool stuff from the web: music, the latest news, box scores, animations, celebrity gossip…whatever you choose. And a chumby can exchange photos and messages with your friends.” Coming soon. URL: Chumby.

Wednesday, Aug 30, 2006


Aggregates “tagged” and tradition search result. It is a great tool for tracking content on the web. We plan on releasing a portable version of the search so you can throw it up on your blog. (See eHub’s results here). URL: TagFetch.

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006


A service for indexing and tagging films. You can catalogue the movies that you’ve seen and receive automatic recommendations for movies that you might like to see. URL: Movietally.

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006