PureVideo Search

A meta search, which combines audio, visual and key word search and crawls the web for all types of video results. URL: PureVideo Search.

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2006


Submit, rate and find their favorite hotspots (restaurants, nightclubs, events, etc.). Maintain a photo gallery of each hotspot per user, a favorites list where members get bulletins from hotspot owners, a friends list called a “crew,” community voting on hotspots, and more. URL: Hotspottin.

Monday, Aug 28, 2006


A free AJAX-based chat application for the visitors of a web site to discuss in real time with the owner of the site. URL: Interaction.

Monday, Aug 28, 2006

Mountain Reviews

A community site with ratings and reviews of ski areas browsable by rating, difficulty and region. The easy way to find the best places to ski and snowboard. URL: Mountain Reviews.

Monday, Aug 28, 2006


This site was created to unite programmers and designers for web projects. It also lets entrepreneurs and writers find people to work with. URL: ProgrammerMeetDesigner.

Monday, Aug 28, 2006


Simple way to add an interactive store location map to a website using Google Maps. Simply upload your store/dealer addresses and your locator tool is automatically created. URL: Blipstar.

Saturday, Aug 26, 2006

Original Signal

The site aggregates many of the most popular Web 2.0 weblogs (including eHub in a quick and easy to use format. URL: Original Signal.

Friday, Aug 25, 2006


A community site to help you research and learn about any topic. Browse existing portals or start your own portal. URL: Zimbio.

Friday, Aug 25, 2006


A free web service that shows you who’s around and let’s you IM them. Sign up to see who’s hanging out in your favorite neighborhoods. URL: RadiusIM.

Friday, Aug 25, 2006


A service that allows anyone to create an API for any website without needing to program. URL: Dapper.

Friday, Aug 25, 2006

Crazy Egg

Allows you to continually test and improve your website. It provides you with a overlay, list and heatmap view of where visitors are clicking on your web pages. URL: Crazy Egg.

Thursday, Aug 24, 2006


A local shopping search engine that makes local shopping easier by allowing shoppers to quickly find products they are looking for at stores near them or near a specific city and zip code. URL: Yokel.

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006


Increase productivity with collaboration software for businesses and individuals. Includes integrated online calendar, data backup, project management and social networking software. URL: Eloops.

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006

Easy Eikaiwa

An online scheduling and school management system with everything you need to get your teaching schedule online. Database to store all your school members, photo uploads for your students and teachers portraits, AJAX calendar, and more. URL: Easy Eikaiwa.

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006


New social networking site based on travel and city entertainment. City-minded people can create their own profile and be connected with their favorite places and events in Europe. URL: CityTherapy.

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006


A directory of the best photography resources online. Constantly updating with links to reviews, photographers, services, galleries, tutorials, deals, reviews and anything else related to the photography world. URL: Photub.

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006


Built around the notion of an annotated navigation path. Anyone with a browser can comment on any web page and link related web pages together according to their own point of view. URL: Trailfire.

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006


Add polls and run contests from your blog, myspace page or website. Post free public polls and view opinions from anyone, or post a private poll and select who views and who votes. URL: PollPub.

Wednesday, Aug 23, 2006


A new web-based chat service with the ability to find topic chat rooms based on tags. eHub Interviews Lingr URL: Lingr.

Monday, Aug 21, 2006

Easy School Search

A freely browsable database of over 130,000 US public and private elementary and secondary schools with grades kindergarten through twelve. Map all the schools in a particular zip code or by freetext search in a particular state. Browse by state, district or county, and much more. URL: Easy School Search.

Monday, Aug 21, 2006

AdWords Optimizer

In less than two minutes, start receiving alerts whenever one of your Google Ad Groups is ready to be optimized. Designed to get people to think in terms of split-testing, experimenting and constantly tweaking their ads. “Many early users are already saying it has cut down their Adwords tweaking time by 75%.” URL: AdWords Optimizer.

Monday, Aug 21, 2006

RMX Direct

A tool that allows bloggers/publishers to auction their ad inventory to a combination of RMX Direct networks and other networks such as Google Adsense, etc. URL: RMX Direct.

Monday, Aug 21, 2006


A tool that lets you place ratings or comments on any page whether it’s database driven or not. The automentions feature allows adding ratings to anything dynamic, such as blog posts, photo albums, or items on an e-commerce site. URL: Mochimention.

Monday, Aug 21, 2006


Determines a “web page’s popularity” among the major social sites including Del.icio.us, Digg, Furl, Google, Jots, Linkroll, Netscape, Reddit, Shadows, Spurl, Technorati, and Yahoo My Web. URL: socialmeter.

Friday, Aug 18, 2006

My Recipe

Share your favorite food recipes with the community. URL: My Recipe.

Friday, Aug 18, 2006


A world-wide real-time hybrid classified ads system, that you control with your mobile phone via text messages. Post any message that you like from your phone for free, tag it with some keywords from your phone, and anyone in over 136 countries will be able to search for your message with their mobile phones and […]

Friday, Aug 18, 2006


The perfect notetaking tool for students. Store all your notes and papers, search for them again instantly, store teacher’s contact information, keep track of all your class grades, and tons more. URL: mynoteIT.

Friday, Aug 18, 2006


A “better search for Flickr.” Uses some special query processing to look for related tag concepts. For example, a search for “music” will not just look for that word but also for “concert”, “band”, “ipod” and many other related concepts. You can also add images to your tray to download to your desktop or an […]

Monday, Aug 14, 2006


A property search engine Google maps mashup, aggregating listings from many online sources and making them easily searchable with a map-based visual interface. Currently indexing London properties but will be expanding. URL: Zoomf.

Monday, Aug 14, 2006


Social platform for information and media for famous and prominent people. URL: Kevo.

Monday, Aug 14, 2006