A free service that helps users find the best deals on electronic goods, providing information on pricing histories, price drops, price trends, and pulls in reviews from other sites for all your research needs. Currently in beta and limited to electronic goods. They may expand to other products. URL: Gazaro.

Thursday, Mar 19, 2009


Think 50% friend-finder, 30% social cityguide, 20% nightlife game. Wanted to build something that not only helps you keep up with your friends, but exposes you to new things in and challenges you to explore cities in different ways. URL: foursquare.

Thursday, Mar 19, 2009


Twitter for journalists to communicate in 140-characters or less on stories they’re working on and network. Currently in beta. URL: ReportingOn.

Wednesday, Mar 18, 2009


Create an event web page and sell tickets online. Makes it super simple for anyone to get their event on the web, promote it and sell tickets. It’s free for free events and costs $1 per ticket sold, no matter the price as well as a small PayPal processing fee. URL: Eventzi.

Tuesday, Mar 17, 2009


A project management tool focused on communication and on being fast. It uses a simple tags system to handle all interactions so you don’t have to worry about opening multiple pages to keep your workflow going; projects are tags, time entries are tags, file uploads are tags, etc. URL: Staction.

Tuesday, Mar 17, 2009


Hollrr allows you to root for products you think deserve to succeed. By joining a Tribe of Followers, you are able to promote a new product to all your friends via Twitter, your blog or even Facebook. As a bonus Earn money for click-thrus and Tribes get an extra 25% shared in proportion to how […]

Monday, Mar 16, 2009


Find local music on your iPhone. Discover the world of live music around you; thousands of music and comedy gigs in your city. Browse to find just what you’re looking for, or stumble upon your next favorite band you never knew was playing in your neighborhood. Find out more about artists with their bios, genres […]

Monday, Mar 16, 2009


A free website for you to blog & share photos, videos and audio with friends, family and even beautiful strangers. I personally describe it as a social blogging network focused on socializing. [Alpha] URL: Kontain.

Saturday, Mar 14, 2009


SMS business cards and mobile social networking. Using SMS to easily and rapidly distribute your credentials. URL: Contxts.

Friday, Mar 13, 2009


A Twitter mining web application that utilizes the power of Twitter Search, highlighting conversation themes and sentiment of the tweets that talk about topics you are interested in. As the conversation changes, so does twendz by evaluating up to 70 tweets at a time. When new tweets are posted, they are dynamically updated, minute by […]

Thursday, Mar 12, 2009


A Google Maps mashup that allows you to share and show the locations of films and movies. Search by movie title or location and thumbnail posters will appear on the map near the location the film/movie was shot. Clicking on the posters will give you more details about the film/movie. Not sure if upcoming movies […]

Thursday, Mar 12, 2009


Once you join, Noovo starts recommending stories, photos, videos, events, people and groups that they think may be of interest to you. As a member, you can follow any web feeds, publish your own content or republish content you discover on Noovo or elsewhere. Feel free to share it with the world or just a […]

Thursday, Mar 12, 2009


A collaborative wiki focused on medicine and health issues. Edits must be approved by verified by licensed medical professionals who agree to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Currently in beta. URL: Medpedia.

Wednesday, Mar 11, 2009


Sitetweet allows webmasters to post immediate messages on Twitter about specific behaviors on their site. Usually installed on strategic pages, you can configure sitetweet to send a special message when a user performs a certain action on your site. You can use Twitter’s options for private posts in case you want to control who follows […]

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009


Turn your favorite RSS feeds into a daily or weekly PDF that is delivered to your email inbox. No account setup required. Just add the websites you want to follow and click on the email confirmation. Tabbloid will print only what’s available on the RSS feed, so if you want to read full articles, make […]

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009


Twitoria finds the people you’re following on Twitter that haven’t tweeted in a long time so you can give them the boot (if you want). Great for finding out whose really using Twitter. URL: Twitoria.

Tuesday, Mar 10, 2009

Academic Earth

Videos of full-length lectures from top universities like MIT, Stanford and Harvard on topics ranging from Chemistry to Mathematics to Psychology. You can download lectures for later viewing. Registered users can grade lectures, and more features are expected to come. Currently in beta. URL: Academic Earth.

Monday, Mar 9, 2009


Tools for Startups, VCs and Angel Investors. Angelsoft was founded in 2004 with a simple idea: to bring the power of collaboration technologies to the early-stage investment industry. URL: Angelsoft.

Monday, Mar 9, 2009


Site that aggregates hotel reviews, rates, and information from sites like Yelp and epinion. Registered users can post their own reviews and pictures of hotels. URL: TravelPost.

Monday, Mar 9, 2009


Makes the creation and distribution of staff schedules easier, faster and more accurate. URL: JustRosters.

Thursday, Mar 5, 2009

Add your music playlist to the cloud and then stream it from anywhere. URL:

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2009


TweetSum shows you at a glance who’s following you, then gives you the tools you’ll need to decide whether you should follow them back or not. You can also quickly add or dismiss new followers. URL: TweetSum.

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2009


Create a video site in seconds. Build a video blog, the next YouTube or just a private place to share videos. URL: Fliggo.

Monday, Mar 2, 2009


Keep track of what you’re reading and see what everyone else is reading. URL: Readernaut.

Monday, Mar 2, 2009


A free iPhone app that lets you keep an unlimited geographic diary of anything that interests you. Works seamlessly with Google Maps and iPhone GPS to let you easily located where you are while attaching photos, voice, and descriptive notes. Once you have built up a library of geographic informaion you can export it all […]

Friday, Feb 27, 2009


A social media player that allows you to search videos from YouTube, GoogleVideo, Dailymotion, BlipTV and others within a high dynamic and more TV-like interface. Also features an Adobe Air Desktop App. URL: LoomTV.

Friday, Feb 27, 2009

Breaking Tweets

Breaking Tweets compiles the latest world news and Twitter feedback on that news. Tweets are manually selected by editors and arranged to tell a story in a journalistic-style, including transition paragraphs. Tweets are essentially treated as quotes. Those with pictures, videos, and/or eyewitness accounts from the scene are priority, while tweets with instant reaction to […]

Thursday, Feb 26, 2009


A news aggregator that filters links from Twitter timelines. It’s a discovery engine, personal newswire and the smartest way to feel the pulse of your Twitter consciousness. URL: MicroPlaza.

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2009

A jabber bot that allows you to update your twitter status very simply. All you need to get started is a jabber account (google talk will work as well) and a twitter account. Log in with your google account to associate the two. URL:

Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009


Send invites to your private events and events you go to. No sign-up required. You can request RSVP’s if you like, let friends invite others, keep an open guest-list, poll friends for the best date, add a videos, photos, a map, send announcements, change the layout, and more. URL: crush3r.

Monday, Feb 23, 2009