A web-based visual project board for tracking tickets through a multi-step process. Allows you to distribute the work, track the progress, identify the bottlenecks and store team communication in one central place. URL: SmartQ

Saturday, Nov 6, 2010


Capture your thoughts quickly and easily by drawing on any webpage. Share your ideas with coworkers, colleagues, and friends. MarkUp works in your browser, so there’s nothing to download and install; just use the simple bookmarklet. URL: MarkUP

Thursday, Oct 7, 2010


A community of creative people working to make sense of complex issues through data and design… and it’s a shared space and free resource to help you achieve this goal. URL: Visualizing

Monday, Oct 4, 2010


A collaboration tool made by designers for designers. This tool helps you streamline the process of approving mockups and receiving feedback between your clients and your team. URL: Draftboard

Monday, Aug 16, 2010


A design and concept feedback app/tool created to help designers get client feedback ‘on’ their designs in a simple, client-friendly way. It allows you & your clients to make notes directly on your design, allowing the notes to appear in context. URL: Notebox

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2010


A time mentor created with the busy creative in mind, Kipu combines super-simple time tracking and an innovative social calendar with intuitive reporting, helping you become more productive and efficient at work, rest and play. URL: Kipu

Tuesday, Jul 13, 2010


0to255 is a simple tool that helps web designers find lighter and darker colors based on any color. URL: 0to255

Saturday, Apr 17, 2010


Navflow is a usability test for designers that helps analyze how people navigate around applications and websites. It allows for quick and easy navigation testing for your mockups and wireframes. URL: navflow

Thursday, Apr 15, 2010


An analytic service for Twitter which allow you to track the clicks on your links. URL: Twilitics

Monday, Dec 28, 2009


An image annotating tool designed for designers, architects and remote clients to easily collaborate on projects. URL: Apollo

Sunday, Nov 29, 2009


A personalization engine, which can predict a user’s interests through an automated semantic analysis of publicly available information that displays its findings in a neat little layout. URL: DailyPerfect.

Friday, Sep 4, 2009


Record up to 3 minutes of your screen activity with your voice and spread it as a video via Twitter or email. Quickly share cool apps or software tips, report a bug, or just show stuff you like. URL: Screenjelly.

Tuesday, Jul 7, 2009


A toy/tool for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. Adjust your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. (See my wordle here) URL: Wordle.

Tuesday, Jun 17, 2008