eHub Founder

imageEmily Chang is the founder and editor-in-chief of eHub, the original Web 2.0 list of new services and applications. She’s also an award-winning web and interaction designer, technology strategist and co-founder of Ideacodes, a leading web consultancy in San Francisco with a focus on user experience, UI design, social media and next generation web. Emily writes about web and design at EmilyChang.com and can be found everywhere online.

eHub Editors

imageCesar H Castro Jr is a web enthusiast, professional search engine marketer, social media coach & strategist, beta tester extraordinaire and now the Principal & Head Socioblogger of Standard Society, a Creative Consultancy Studio of Social Media founded on the Internet. Cesar drinks caffeine, researches and writes about online networking, search marketing methods, social web design, social community experience, technology, and new social media at StandardSociety.com. When he isn’t online he spends his time with his wife, Angela, and playing with his two little girls, Jocelyn and Giselle.

imageKim Lau works in healthcare by day and is an Internet sponge by night.
She’s been on the Internet since the glory days of Altavista and
remembers when mentions of anime got you blank stares or fuzzy VHS
tapes. She can be located on the web as “toastykitten” spouting her
opinions on books, politics, food, technology and everything

imageBryan Collick is an international communicator, print production manager, web purveyor, husband and student. With experience in all areas of media, he looks to tomorrow’s technological potential in hopes of finding better ways to share and receive information. Traveling internationally, he talks about the importance of social networks an promotes deliberate thought and civic responsibility (among other things) on his website, Leftsider.

imageMatthew Murphy currently works as a management information analyst. He is
also a freelance writer, blogger, and web design consultant. He writes
on topics ranging from the internet to the environment. As a concerned
environmentalist, Matthew uses compact florescent lightbulbs, buys local produce, and hopes that you do, too. His educational background includes degrees in business administration and telecommunications management. He’s been surfing the ‘net for almost a decade and crashing his computer for about 25 years now. You can find him online at http://www.mattscuppa.com.

Former eHub Editors

imageLaSean Smith is a technology buff who spends most his time focused on
product management for software applications and services. Key areas
of interest include consumer apps, mobile, digital media, and entertainment. He is an active panelist and can be found speaking at a number of industry events. When away from his computer LaSean enjoys traveling, photography, Scrabble, and Netflix. LaSean holds and MBA from Georgetown University and is based in Seattle. You can find him rambling at http://www.lasean.com.

imageThomas Scovell has spent 14 years “working the web”, for the past several years as a project manager. He currently works for Webby award winning agency Shift in Wellington, New Zealand as senior project and account manager for international and national brands and government sector clients. Thomas’ formal qualifications are in psychology and philosophy – enabling him to bring a rigorous understanding of human drives, tempered with an analytical process, to the process of website creation – as well as fueling his passion in project management methodologies, web standards and the semantic web. When not online – Thomas can be found indulging in a little whiskey, a lot of music, quite a bit of film, some photography and as much vegan cuisine as he possibly can.

imageVeronique Christensen is a mom, project manager and a blogger, with a special interest in social networks, and online collaboration. She’s been working on the web since the early ’90s, starting in New York with Ogilvy and Mather’s Interactive Marketing Group. In 1999 she moved out west to join various Bay Area start-ups ending up as a Community Manager for the Stanford Alumni Association. Today she spends her time free-lancing, blogging about fun kids’ activities on Little Elephants, and hanging out with her three children. You’ll find her full professional profile on LinkedIn.

imageAndrew Mager is a web evangelist with a degree in print & electronic
journalism from Virginia Tech. He became interested in social media when he
discovered that his college newspaper had a crumby website. With help from a
seasoned instructor, Andrew started Planet Blacksburg in the
fall of 2005 as a student-run media outlet. In 2006, he interned at ESPN.com
in Bristol, CT as a technical producer, and currently holds that same title
at CNET Networks in San Francisco. When you meet him, he may ask you to join

imageJames Mellor is Marketing Communications Manager at the University of
in the UK. Managing the University’s website he follows new developments in web applications closely to see if there is anything that the Educational sector can learn from, or utilize, in their online provision for prospective
students, current students or alumni. Outside of work James enjoys photography, design, loud live music, surfing and snowboarding. You best place to find him online is over at his flickr.

imageNick Senzee works in a large healthcare association in metro Washington DC where he helps volunteers build professional communities. He also helps his wife Katherine by doing business development and account management in her web and print design studio E-Squared Workshops. Nick loves communities, whether in person or virtual, and that drives his interest in anything web 2.0.

imageChris Lerch has been a techie since the days of punch cards and CRTs.
He’s worked in the industry for 25 years, holding a variety of
positions at three Fortune 500 companies before moving into academia
in 2003. Chris is currently the Director of Technology for the Libraries at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he lectures on Web 2.0 and other emerging internet technologies. Chris is a freelance writer, sportscaster and musician and is the proud father of three boys as well as the proud owner of an original 128K Macintosh.

imageEmily Williams is that kid that grew up with a geek dad and spent childhood stumbling around a house filled with gadgetry and computers, beginning with the Radio Shack TRS-80. Mugwump didn’t hold much of a challenge, and she went on to bigger and better things, like the internet. She’s never met a Beta she won’t try. Emily has worked in both the entertainment software industry and in online community since the early 90’s and is currently the Sr. Manager of Community for a top internet news aggregator. At home, she has a small flock of children and a web developer.