“Travel site meets Evite.” Lets you create a trip homepage, invite people, manage RSVPs, upload important files, create a photo gallery, see top tours for your destination, and plan via message board. There’s a Facebook-style newsfeed that shows what everyone on your trip’s doing. Also, there’s an integrated air, hotel, car, tour booking into the […]

Wednesday, Aug 20, 2008


A Twitter mashup that will help you get your questions answered quickly; think Yahoo! Answers meets Twitter. Simply pose a question to the Twitterverse by posting a Twitter update with the following format: @ToAsk Are there any good pizza joints in downtown Los Angeles? ToAnswer then scours Twitter looking for new questions, and it will […]

Tuesday, Aug 19, 2008


This open source browser plugin is for collaboratively annotating, editing and shifting web pages. URL: ShiftSpace.

Monday, Aug 18, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008

Today is the launch of Blog Action Day 2008. If you’re a blogger, you can register at the site. “Blog Action Day itself is on October 15th and on that day we ask bloggers everywhere to publish a post on the same day on the same issue, with the intent to hijack the conversation on […]

Friday, Aug 15, 2008


An online language learning site with free instructional exercises, user-generated tips and flashcards, and a social community of native speakers who help one another to learn a new language. URL: Livemocha.

Friday, Aug 15, 2008


An idea management and collaboration tool that allows you and your group to submit, collaborate and vote on ideas, comment on ideas, view ideas by popularity, invite users to join the discussion. URL: Kindling.

Wednesday, Aug 13, 2008


An invoice and time tracking service geared towards freelancers and small-business owners who need to easily create and manage invoices. URL: Invotrak.

Wednesday, Aug 13, 2008


Mashes up Pandora,, Seeqpod, and Slinkset. Just enter your Pandora or info and Favtape instantly makes a mixtape from your bookmarked songs. With Favtape you can add any song to a mixtape just by clicking bookmark on Pandora or love on You could just be listening to your Pandora radio and bookmark […]

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008


A hosted ticketing system that’ll help any office or company never lose an email again. The system stores all your emails in one place, where you can share with colleagues, or work teams. Allows users to assign priorities, tag and organize emails into groups. It’s an easy system to implement without knowing a lot about […]

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008


Find great music in your area. Provides a way to purchase the cheapest tickets for those events and can be linked into your iTunes and favorites and recommendations. You can also receive email reminders and browse for tickets by price and location. URL: Bandsintown.

Tuesday, Aug 12, 2008


A feedback tool for presentations, conferences or workshops. It enables users to collect feedback (polls and messages) from their audience via mobile phone. Responses are displayed on a screen or monitor in real-time. This service is free/ad-supported. URL: TextTheMob.

Monday, Aug 11, 2008

Next Feeds

A feed service provider that will help you to deal with information overload in a better way by offering new types of Feeds (Private, Community, Reminder, and RSS) with some unique features. [Private Beta] URL: Next Feeds.

Monday, Aug 11, 2008


This free service allows you to add your latest tweets to your blog or website using a small piece of JavaScript code. URL: AddTweets.

Sunday, Aug 10, 2008


Micro-blogging with real-time chat. URL: Rejaw.

Friday, Aug 8, 2008
eHub Interviews Brightkite

eHub Interviews Brightkite

Thanks to Brady Becker and Martin May of Brightkite for the physical tour as well as this email interview. eHub: What is your web application/service about? Brightkite: Brightkite is a location-based social network that enables people to take their online profiles with them into the real world and make real-world friends. In real-time, users can […]

Thursday, Aug 7, 2008


A video platform that can integrate into an existing infrastructure, or be used as a stand-alone product. FiV aims to present content in an intuitive way that engages users, maximizing time spent on your site. Can be customized to achieve the client’s business goals. URL: FiV.

Thursday, Aug 7, 2008

Allows friends and family to record and share short video updates about what they are doing or where they are. You can use a webcam or a cellphone. It’s a FREE, easy, and fun way to stay in touch. Currently invite-only. URL:

Thursday, Aug 7, 2008

FWA Theater

A new video showcase, highlighting the most creative movie, commercials and game trailers. URL: FWA Theater.

Thursday, Aug 7, 2008

Apprise Reader

A social news reader in the form of an AIR app that isn’t just about reading your news feeds on one place; it’s also about sharing your news in one place. With built-in AIM and Twitter support, all you have to do is click on a article to start cascading it through your social network. […]

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008


A place where people can easily share their micro-agenda with friends. Helps you get together with your friends by letting you mix your agendas and identify opportunities. Easily say where you are, what you do, suggest and discuss ideas or just say that you’re available. URL: Mixin.

Monday, Aug 4, 2008

Easy Tweets

A Twitter mashup set of tools that can help online marketers leverage the power of microblogging. You can use it to post to and switch between multiple Twitter accounts in seconds, check replies, and track new followers. URL: Easy Tweets.

Monday, Aug 4, 2008

Discover Chefs

Provides culinary professionals a free simple web-based tool to host a portfolio and showcase photos of professional and personal work. URL: Discover Chefs.

Thursday, Jul 31, 2008


An open platform to connect teachers and students around the world. The service is starting with foreign language video learning, and will be adding additional subjects soon. URL: eduFire.

Wednesday, Jul 30, 2008


The place to start your internet research on any topic. A team of 30 expert Internet researchers organizes the best resources on the Web by topic, and provides a concise, clear narrative that tells you why the site is recommended and what you’ll find when you visit. URL: FindingDulcinea.

Wednesday, Jul 30, 2008


The first and largest video-based social network specifically created for consumers to connect, share and celebrate the products they are passionate about. This fast-growing community has created the world’

Tuesday, Jul 29, 2008


160 character reviews and opinions about books, games, movies and music. URL: Blippr.

Monday, Jul 28, 2008


New search engine (from former Google employees) with an index of 120 billion pages. URL: Cuil.

Monday, Jul 28, 2008


A new community and networking venue specifically aimed at individuals working in or associated with the IT and Telecom industries. URL: Zrc2.

Monday, Jul 28, 2008

Pattern Tap

Collections and inspiration for interface design patterns. Browse, signup, organize your own sets. URL: Pattern Tap.

Monday, Jul 28, 2008


Spontaneous, unobtrusive usability testing software for website designers. Capture screen activity, video participant’s reactions, record their voice, add chapter markers, and more. Free trial download for 30 days. Mac OSX software. URL: Silverback.

Saturday, Jul 26, 2008