Takes care of online customer feedback for companies by providing a simple, functional page where a company’s users can make suggestions and vote for suggestions other users have made. The users may also comment on and track changes to their favorite suggestions. In exchange the company gets a clear idea of what’s really most important […]

Friday, May 2, 2008

Songkicker Plugin

Concert listings and tickets in one place. Track tours for all bands in your music library using the Songkicker plug-in (Mac and Windows). Get personalized concert recommendations based on your taste. URL: Songkicker Plugin.

Friday, May 2, 2008


A website where you can create multimedia timelines and also view timelines created by other people. The timeline widget is embeddable, and supports pictures and video. URL: xtimeline.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Currently, a startup job listings aggregator. But will soon include an entire social network platform for people looking for jobs in hot startup companies. URL: HotStartupJobs.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


The site provides an online and collaborative tool, which actually is a wiki, to subtitle videos from major video sharing platforms like YouTube or MySpaceTV. Once the video is imported, site users, community members or anybody else can start adding, update and correct captions. Captions are then translated in multiple foreign languages. You can also […]

Thursday, May 1, 2008


A video game search engine that allows you to submit a web site and add the search engine to your browser search engines. URL: GameSkoot.

Wednesday, Apr 30, 2008


A comprehensive, information rich, easy to use, real-time Web tracking and analysis application. Currently free while in beta. URL: Woopra.

Tuesday, Apr 29, 2008

BooRah Makes You the Restaurant Guru

I’ve spent the past few days exploring food website BooRah, which I can only describe as a localized restaurant information mecca. BooRah’s Brian Warren and Nagaraju Bandaru graciously offered me a guided tour, which I hungrily accepted. The conversation was both informative and professional, and I was left with the impression that BooRah is not […]

Monday, Apr 28, 2008

Change Congress

A movement to build support for basic reform in how the United States government functions. Using the sites tools, both candidates and citizens can pledge their support for basic changes to reduce the distorting influence of money in Washington. The community will link candidates committed to a reform with volunteers and contributors who support it. […]

Monday, Apr 28, 2008


A Mac OS application that finds, downloads, and organizes your personal library of public domain books. You can search, filter, and get automatic updates from over 20,000 books. Read on screen or export to PDF. URL: Voluminous.

Monday, Apr 28, 2008


The music search engine and internet jukebox. URL: Songza.

Sunday, Apr 27, 2008


A fun service where you can watch live tweets from Twitter on a virtual 3D globe of the earth. You can send your own tweet and watch it come in from the site. There’s also a downloadable screensaver for Windows XP, OS X coming soon. [beta 1.0] URL: TwittEarth.

Saturday, Apr 26, 2008

Rails Kits

Offers Rails developers a way to get their apps off the ground faster. The first offering from Rails Kits is the SaaS Rails Kit, which provides a Rails application with recurring billing and account management features, so developers can quickly build membership-based web services. URL: Rails Kits.

Friday, Apr 25, 2008


An online donation site that combines social networking with grassroots philanthropy. Users start and give to causes which are important to them. It’s free to join and free to start getting involved. URL: Giveo.

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008


A new blog for tips and tricks as well as cool software for your Mac and Leopard. Done by Apple Product Professional Certified personnel. This guide will make you love your Mac even more. URL: AppleDoes.

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008

Lovd By Less

Lovd is an open source social networking solution that has everything you need to start your community. URL: Lovd By Less.

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2008


Rather than using several web 2.0 services to manage your business, WORKetc wrapped all the core small business systems into the single customized intranet. Includes integrated RSS feeds linked directly to projects, billing, customer support, help desk software, calendars, business-wide search, lead management, sales pipeline and document storage. URL: WORKetc.

Tuesday, Apr 22, 2008


A push-2-vidmail button that can be added anywhere that supports HTML. When reading your email, viewing your blog or your online classified, visitors can click on the button and record a video/audio message that gets delivered to your email address. URL: Walabok.

Tuesday, Apr 22, 2008


A community for vegetarians and vegans to share their knowledge, experiences, news and stories about healthy diets. lets you become the writer and tell others about what you heard, did or tasted. URL: Vegtaste.

Tuesday, Apr 22, 2008

Twitter Answers

A question and answer mashup using Twitter and Mosio. Ask any question using Twitter and have it answered by real people like yourself. URL: Twitter Answers.

Monday, Apr 21, 2008


An enterprise collaboration software built from the ground up for teams, companies, and communities looking for an easy and productive way to work with each other without time or location limitations. Free 30 day trail and a live demo. URL: Clearspace.

Monday, Apr 21, 2008


A social messaging service that helps you share your eating habits with everyone, from anywhere. Add having as a friend on twitter. Check your new feed and start posting. [beta] URL: FoodFeed.

Monday, Apr 21, 2008


A neat online tool that makes scheduling appointments and meetings quick and simple. With its patent-pending technology Jiffle allows you to selectively share your Outlook calendar with your contacts and eliminate the time-consuming back-and-forth process required to set up meetings with your colleagues and clients. URL: Jiffle.

Friday, Apr 18, 2008

Search Rascal

A new service that allows you to track the top search results for keywords of your choice. In addition to being able to view the top results for your search term or phrase, your report also shows the ranks for today and compares this number to data from the previous day, week or month. URL: […]

Thursday, Apr 17, 2008


For readers and writers of fiction to come together and create amazing new stories via collaborative writing. Anyone can add a new chapter after any other chapter, even if an existing chapter already has more than one follow-up chapter. This creates stories with many branches. Readers are encouraged to rate each chapter so that the […]

Thursday, Apr 17, 2008


Enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers an aggregated way to discover and discuss information among friends. URL: FriendFeed.

Thursday, Apr 17, 2008


Simple time tracking for projects with advanced visual reporting tools and mobile access. URL: Tempo.

Wednesday, Apr 16, 2008


Location-based social networking. Discover who visits your favorite places. Join the community in real time. Track your friends and meet people around you. [Private beta. Request an invite at the site] URL: Brightkite.

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008


A web-based tool for small businesses to manage clients through web-based collaboration, project tracking, files and invoicing. URL: Homecourt.

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008


A Flickr search tool to help find photos by tag, text, creative commons, safe search or commercial use. URL: Compfight.

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2008