A mobile blogging service distributing your adventures to your friends and family. URL: Mobypicture.

Wednesday, Mar 26, 2008


Saves treasured SMS messages: in case you lose your phone, when you upgrade, because your SMS messages are important and wonderful; and just because…Forward your SMS to the standard rate mobile numbers (works globally) or archive over a data connection on iPhone. Do more with your SMS with RSS and Text Stream pages. URL: Treasuremytext.

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2008


Lets you pick who you think will win in upcoming sporting events. Focusing on the fun of choosing sides (rather than the gambling aspect), encourages you to create and join groups to find out how much better you are at picking right. While limited to the Australia/New Zealand Super 14 Rugby series during the […]

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2008


The only online savings initiative that allows family and friends to contribute to your savings goals, gives you additional incentive boosts from top retailers who sell exactly what you are saving for and offers you a very competitive interest rate for the dollars you are saving. SmartyPig savings accounts are FDIC insured, so consumers can […]

Monday, Mar 24, 2008


A web developer tool for creating thumbnail images of external links found on web pages. Currently has three accounts to pick from Free (1,000 thumbnails), Web Master $19.95 a month (20,000 thumbnails), Business $149.95 (900,000 thumbnails) and three plugins to choose from as well PHP 5, Ruby, and WordPress. URL: thmbnl.

Monday, Mar 24, 2008


Language learning social network. URL: Phrasebase.

Monday, Mar 24, 2008


Send your latest Flickr photo to Twitter with SnapTweet. Login using your Twitter username and password then your Flickr username or email address. You can then send a direct message to SnapTweet on Twitter using “D snaptweet your message” if you send a blank message, SnapTweet will use the photo’s title. [Beta] URL: SnapTweet.

Monday, Mar 24, 2008


A web analytics tool that helps you track, compare and share data for free. The tool allows you to identify trends across social graphs and networks, track engagement metrics, and look at what is really happening in real time. URL: Trendrr.

Friday, Mar 21, 2008

A microblog blasting service that posts to your social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr and Pownce with more being added soon. Features also include triggering actions with the use of @ for example @fb would only post to Facebook while @tt would post to Twitter. URL:

Thursday, Mar 20, 2008


A mobile communications platform and social network. Live video streaming from any capable mobile devices and real-time proximity-based profile matching are just a few of the features. URL: Next2Friends.

Tuesday, Mar 18, 2008


Stay up to date with any calendar on the web. FuseCal syncs events to your personal calendar program, and sends you updates when they change. [Alpha] URL: FuseCal.

Tuesday, Mar 18, 2008


A web-based multimedia player where you can view photos, watch videos, and listen to music. [Beta] URL: ubuket.

Monday, Mar 17, 2008

Launching Soon Script

A script for websites who are about to launch. Easy to install: just edit the config file and copy all files on the server. No database required, customise the look using CSS, collects all emails in a file, informs the admin of new subscribers, spam protection, support for templates, AJAX backend and complete source code. […]

Monday, Mar 17, 2008


A buzz aggregation service whose goal is to track what’s buzzing around the interweb. A news aggregator with a popularity algorithm for the blogosphere broken down by certain categories. [Beta] URL: BuzzCritic.

Friday, Mar 14, 2008


A visual search engine. Categories relating to what you are typing will appear. Choose a category, and you’ll see pictures of web pages that answer your search. This allows you to review pages quickly to find the information you’re looking for, before you click through. [Private Beta] URL: Searchme.

Friday, Mar 14, 2008


A planet is a place where you can read all the websites you like in a single page. You decide whether your planet is public or private. URL: Planetaki.

Thursday, Mar 13, 2008


Online contact management. Create, manage, and search unlimited contacts, share contacts with any email address, download and view contacts on your phone, laptop, or iPod. URL: Keepm.

Tuesday, Mar 11, 2008


A new venture to create the best college basketball experience on the web with other sports coming. StatSheet is a site for fans, but will also cater to website owners by providing features that allow anyone to integrate stats into a blog as well as social networking features to come. URL: StatSheet.

Tuesday, Mar 11, 2008


A free, open, universal platform for reviews with a network of applications, partners and tools. Reviews written in any of the network’s sites will be part of the Notches system everywhere. All the pieces share a common back-end which handles things like normalization, summarization, and personalization. URL: Notches.

Monday, Mar 10, 2008


A travel site boasting 350,000 travelers, IgoUgo believes it’s the best place to store and share their trip stories and pictures, building a library of honest opinions, tips, and experiences that you won’t find in any guidebook, you be the judge. Also has a community table where travelers review eateries they’ve experienced while on their […]

Friday, Mar 7, 2008


A powerful widget library that provides rich widgets like Grid with sort, paging and filtering, Tree

Friday, Mar 7, 2008

Fun With Social Shopping

Shopping and the Internet are a perfect marriage. Combine equal parts user curiosity, materialism, need for research, and a dash of social networking, and you have a great recipe for happy users and advertisers. Finding the perfect item, be it the perfect pea coat or the most eco-friendly couch, has never been easier, or a […]

Thursday, Mar 6, 2008


A search application that enhances the search experience with a visual interface and natural language processing algorithms that instantly identify the key ideas (people, places, and things) related to a search query. By allowing you to explore your results without leaving the results page, it helps you find, explore, and learn more effectively. URL: ManagedQ.

Thursday, Mar 6, 2008


A community where real students share their college experience so that others can explore and learn what post-high school is really like by giving pictures to look at and blog like entries to read. URL: Communiversity.

Wednesday, Mar 5, 2008

Joint Contact

An online project collaboration solution that supports group management and creation of documents, discussions, schedules, cases, tasks and team information. Available online or hosted at your company, Joint Contact supports companies in their efforts to maintain high trust relationships. URL: Joint Contact.

Wednesday, Mar 5, 2008

Wordy Birdie

A Twitter based word frequency quessing game. Predict which words people you follow will use in an update and earn points when they do. URL: Wordy Birdie.

Tuesday, Mar 4, 2008


A beta service that allow developers to post their games, graphic designers to submit their graphics and anyone to play and share online and mobile games. [beta] URL: ugenGames.

Monday, Mar 3, 2008


A time management tool to help you schedule conference calls, webinars or any type of event. The service is specifically designed for those hard-to-schedule meetings with multiple time zones, many invitees and different calendar systems URL: Scheduleonce.

Monday, Mar 3, 2008


Post reviews of anything your phone can take a picture of. When you’re on the go you can easily search for iRevews posted by anyone. URL: iReview.

Monday, Mar 3, 2008


A worldwide collaborative infinite canvas painting project. URL: WebCanvas.

Monday, Mar 3, 2008