An easy way to pay for things using your cellphone. Pay, charge, and trust individuals and businesses. With Venmo, you can pay your friends, family, and favorite shops by simply sending a text message. URL: Venmo

Tuesday, Mar 23, 2010


Social Media Dashboard For Small Businesses: monitor your company, follow competitors, connect with customers and fans. URL: uberVU

Wednesday, Mar 17, 2010


An open source development tool for building fast, easy mobile apps with JavaScript. If you’re a web developer who wants to build mobile applications in HTML and JavaScript while still taking advantage of the core features in the iPhone, Android, Palm, Symbian and Blackberry SDKs, PhoneGap is for you.URL: PhoneGap

Monday, Mar 15, 2010


A social way to attach digital content to real world objects using barcodes. URL: Stickybits

Thursday, Mar 11, 2010

Naked Apartments

A New York-centric apartment matchmaking site between renters, brokers, and landlords. Renters can create a profile, get a free credit check, and write and read reviews of brokers. Brokers have the ability to view renters’ credit scores and income, and contact renters directly. Note: You do have to provide some personal information, such as your […]

Monday, Mar 8, 2010


Manage, present, review and annotate web design mockups. URL: Onotate

Monday, Mar 8, 2010

Ibis Reader

An ereader application that you don’t have to install or download. Read public domain ePub books on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Upload your own collection of ePub books, or discover new ones. Bookmark your reading spot, change the text size, and download your books at any time. URL: Ibis Reader

Sunday, Mar 7, 2010

What Do You Suggest

A site that provides a visual exploration of Google’s suggestion feature. Type in a word or phrase, and then follow it to the answer. URL: What do you suggest?

Sunday, Mar 7, 2010


A social mapping platform for Australia, presently. Lets help fix that. Here’s how they describe themselves CityTag is designed to help you find the best info about town, local to where you are – on the spot! via URL: CityTag

Friday, Mar 5, 2010


A start page maker where you set four of your favorite websites as the homepage. Users simply pick four favorites and set it as the start page in their browsers. URL: Fav4

Friday, Mar 5, 2010


An open-source library of AJAX-powered JavaServer Faces (JSF) components, an Ajax framework and a client-side validation framework. URL: OpenFaces

Wednesday, Mar 3, 2010


Web-based business financial management. Automated data entry from banks and credit cards, graphical projections, bank-level security. URL: Indinero

Monday, Mar 1, 2010


HQueue is the very first downloadable Hulu Queue Viewer Apple app for $0.99. URL: HQueue

Friday, Feb 26, 2010


Share, discover and discuss your life online, in real-time. URL: Cliqset

Thursday, Feb 25, 2010


Team base projects just got better with a Twitter-like project collaboration tool that lets your team share tasks, messages, files and get notified by email. URL: Teambox

Wednesday, Feb 24, 2010


A free online service that makes managing your grocery shopping list easier than ever. Add to or delete items from your list via the web, mobile phones, text messages, email or instant messaging. Share your list with family members or friends so they can add or delete items as well — and they can even […]

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2010


A social network for tea-lovers. Write a tea journal, see what others are drinking and get recommendations from people you trust. URL: Steepster

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010


A web service that makes it easy to recruit people from your website to be research participants. URL: Ethnio

Monday, Feb 15, 2010

A social utility that makes it easy for people to track their friends’ shopping habits. URL:

Friday, Feb 12, 2010

Neat Chat

An easy and fast way to have an online conversation with a group of friends or colleagues. No signups or software installs required. Just chat through the browser interface. URL: Neat Chat

Thursday, Feb 11, 2010

A new simplified approach for to do lists. Exposes only what you need to get done right now with the concept of “shifts.” Any incomplete items at the end of the day are also automatically shifted to the next day’s list. URL:

Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010


A personal assistant in your iPhone. Speak your tasks into your phone and have Siri connect to services and make plans for you. Just like a real assistant, Siri understands what you say, accomplishes tasks for you and adapts to your preferences over time. URL: Siri

Friday, Feb 5, 2010

A curated site of “the best produced and designed iPhone applications that are available for download via the App Store.” URL:

Thursday, Feb 4, 2010


An online application for writing meeting minutes. It provides you with easy-to-use tools to create meeting agendas, format minutes, assign actions, and share documents with your colleagues and partners. URL: MinuteBase

Monday, Feb 1, 2010


Find the right application for your business and IT needs. Choose the most appropriate deployment method. Contact providers and compare different solutions. URL: GetApp

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010


Allows entrepreneurs to pitch their startups, projects and ideas to the world through video. URL: Sproutpitch

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010


An online event registration service that allows you to create, publish and promote your event for free. Set it up on your personalized event page with an easy to use registration system and have your event visible to the world within minutes. Provide your attendees with eTickets for that professional touch, even if its a […]

Monday, Jan 25, 2010


A unique diary/journal writing app for iPhone & iPod touch, which provides a quick and easy way to record ‘moments’ throughout your day. Connect with popular social web services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and, to collect and display your online activity as part of your diary.URL: Momento

Thursday, Jan 21, 2010


A social networking community for culinary professionals. Connect with culinary peers, search for jobs, catch up and provide the latest industry gossip and news. URL: Cookwork

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010


Google Maps mashup that takes geographical data and combines with apartment listing data to make it easier to find available apartment listings. Search for apartments by location, rent and other criteria, and save apartment listings. URL: MyApartmentMap

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010