A website that lets users add, aggregate and rate free video lessons, tutorials and “how to” guides from all over the web. URL: SuTree.

Thursday, Apr 26, 2007


Print beautiful MiniCards and NoteCards from your digital photos (upload them or select from a media-sharing site like flickr, bebo, fotolog, habbo, second life, and more). URL: Moo.

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2007


Send, sign, store your documents online. Features simple point and click signing, precise placement of signatures, on-demand service and security. URL: DocuSign.

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2007

Step Up Travel

Travel classifieds and social network that emphasizes traveler-local direct connection and cultural exchange for socially-minded travelers. URL: Step Up Travel.

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2007


On-demand BPM software (Business Process Management Tool) that allows companies to improve their overall performance by automating communications between internal areas, clients, vendors and existing systems. URL: Skemma.

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2007


A free, easy to use, online quiz maker for tests and quizzes. URL: ClassMarker.

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2007


A social networking site for MMORPG players (Second Life, WoW, etc). Setup a guild page/forum, post real life pics or in game screenshots, blogs, videos and more. URL: Profil3.

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2007


A real-time Ajax profile editor to customize your MySpace profile. URL: RealEditor.

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2007


New web development software for OSX that seeks to provide one-click publishing (FTP, CSS Editor, etc). URL: Coda.

Tuesday, Apr 24, 2007

Blogger’s Choice Awards

Blogger/blog awards site. All of the blogs are nominated, voted and commented on by users. Winners will be announced on June 2nd. (NOTE: eHub has been nominated for Best Geek Blog. Show your love and vote for eHub here.) URL: Blogger’s Choice Awards.

Tuesday, Apr 24, 2007

The Filter

A desktop app that can save you time by building interesting playlists from your iTunes library at the click of a button. It can also fill your iPod with new playlists every day. The software is available for Windows, Mac and Nokia phones. URL: The Filter.

Monday, Apr 23, 2007


Simplified, web-based small business money management and accounting. URL: LessAccounting.

Monday, Apr 23, 2007


An RSS magazine focused on mainstream users. Unlike most “start pages” it’s not customizable and can’t be personalized, and an editor selects what RSS to present in each category and on the front page based on user feedback and quality. URL: MiniBoxs.

Monday, Apr 23, 2007


Post shared content directly to a MySpace and Facebook profile, IM, or email without leaving the source page. The recipients get the shared content where they are, without having to sign-up or download the application. URL: ShareThis.

Monday, Apr 23, 2007


A free personal blogging site. It allows you to customize your blog, share photos, videos and music, and connect with friends. URL: LifesterBlog.

Friday, Apr 20, 2007


A women’s peace group launches new website with a focus in online activism. The website provides campaign tools specifically designed for and by its participants. URL: CODEPINK.

Friday, Apr 20, 2007

Event Wax

A customizable, hosted web site for your event, including registration, payment, RSS, mailing lists, invites and RSVP’s and more. URL: Event Wax.

Friday, Apr 20, 2007


New online collaboration tool enables up to 5 people to synchronously view and markup videos and other digital media. URL: Octopz.

Thursday, Apr 19, 2007


An online video messaging platform ideal for both personal and business communications. It offers everyone the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. With no client to install, you can start using the service immediately with any browser, on any platform. URL: Eyejot.

Wednesday, Apr 18, 2007


A free mobile feed browser that lets you search for feeds directly from your phone. Publishers can use it to set up a mobile distribution channel. URL: Mobispine.

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2007


A new social journalism website aimed to provide college student oriented content written by students and ranked by college students. URL: FreeMyCampus.

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2007

eHub Interviews Wesabe

Visit Wesabe, originally added to eHub on Nov 20, 06. Thanks to Jason Knight, CEO and co-founder of Wesabe for this email interview. eHub: What is your web application/service about? Wesabe: Wesabe provides a Web-based tool that gives our members a better understanding of how they spend, and links them to a community dedicated to […]

Friday, Apr 13, 2007


A voice and mobile phone productivity service. Call from your phone, speak a message, and have this sent to anyone you specify or any purpose (notes, lists, sending email by voice, reach groups, make plans, record tasks, etc.). URL: Jott.

Friday, Apr 13, 2007


An online development environment that facilitates the complete management of your Web-based projects. With a syntax highlighting editor built right in, it provides the ability to edit text, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Perl, SQL and other types of files directly on a remote server. URL: Workspace.

Thursday, Apr 12, 2007


A 24/7 television broadcast stream with social networking, a searchable, user-driven media archive, content hosting and much more. URL: MusicPlusTV.

Thursday, Apr 12, 2007

Wedding Mapper

Make a free wedding map to share with your guests. No catches, no spam, just a quality website to make your life a little easier. URL: Wedding Mapper.

Thursday, Apr 12, 2007


A new wiki site devoted to anything related to green living and sustainable development. Anyone can edit the content of the website. Intends to bring ideas, how-to’s and knowledge to anybody who wants to become “greener”. URL: Playgreen.

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2007

AnchorFree WiFi

Giving away 10,000 hotspot routers to any qualified location in the United Sates. Draw in additional business just by offering people a place to get online. URL: AnchorFree WiFi.

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2007


A mashup and a visualization layer by Emily Chang and Max Kiesler (Ideacodes) that mines and archives the public timeline of Twitter and provides a visualization of the most commonly used words in a given time period. Read my blog post. URL: Twitterverse.

Monday, Apr 9, 2007


An AJAX powered mapping site that uses Virtual Earth to display events in geographic real-space. Anyone can post events and use their own HTML to create a custom map and event details page. URL: NavDog.

Friday, Apr 6, 2007