Charitable Aid on the Web

More than ever before, the world is connected; able to see and participate in the lives of people who are not within physical reach. The Web has brought us new ways to be involved, as well as confusion to what really can be considered aid.

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010

Eat Your Books

Offers a way to locate recipes from your cookbooks as easily as you find recipes online. Connect with other cookbook lovers, add your own cookbooks to your queue, and plan your menus using the site’s tool. You can do the 30-day free trial, pay $25 for an annual membership, or for a limited time, $50 […]

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010


A book-based social website created by publishing house HarperCollins. Upload, recommend and rate manuscripts from users. The most popular ones will get the attention from HarperCollins and may even lead to book deals. URL: Authonomy

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010


A fashion destination for the style-conscious. Post pictures of your daily outfits, rate outfits, poll others on your outfits, and connect with other style mavens. URL: chictopia

Monday, Jan 18, 2010


A free open source video, audio, and podcast publishing platform. It is built for organizations who wish to distribute media in a variety of formats on their website while maintaining the ability to control the user experience. URL: MediaCore

Sunday, Jan 17, 2010


A payment tool that allows users to instantly create accounts for anything. These accounts provide electronic billing and collection through echecks, credit cards, and paper checks, and enable transparent spending through WePay debit cards, online bill pay, and electronic transfers. Use invite code “football” while they last URL: WePay

Thursday, Jan 14, 2010


Makes it simple to keep your notes from meetings, events and presentations organised. URL: Ketchup

Thursday, Jan 14, 2010


A social media statistics dashboard which aggregates important social media stats from several apps with helpful visual graphs. Once SWIX has those stats it also lets you track the ROI for social media marketing campaigns. URL: SWIX

Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010


A conversation engine that helps you discover and participate in conversations about whatever you care about. Users can choose to “follow” worlds, conversations and people so that they can stay in tune with conversations as they evolve. Invite only URL: Gravity

Monday, Jan 11, 2010

Recess PHP Framework

Open source PHP framework for developers. URL: Recess PHP Framework

Monday, Jan 11, 2010


Easily create branded social media marketing campaigns & simultaneously run them on Facebook, Twitter and your website. URL: Wildfire

Friday, Jan 8, 2010


An online advertising service designed to address the needs of small businesses with little time to decipher the intricacies of online advertising. URL: Contextured

Thursday, Jan 7, 2010


A free shopping cart web service that enables anyone to add e-commerce anywhere instantly. URL: Payvment

Thursday, Jan 7, 2010

Create anonymous question forms for all of your social networks, including but not limited to Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Users can keep questioners anonymous or publish their friends’ information.

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2010


A real time mobile civic engagement tool. CitySourced provides a free, simple, and intuitive tool empowering citizens to identify civil issues (potholes, graffiti, trash, snow removal, etc.) and report them to city hall for quick resolution; an opportunity for government to use technology to save money and improve accountability to those they govern; and a […]

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2010


Share upcoming plans with friends. Integrated with Twitter and Facebook. URL: Plancast

Tuesday, Jan 5, 2010


Search the real-time web. Crawls the links people share on Twitter, Digg and other social sharing services, then indexes the content on those pages in seconds. URL: OneRiot

Tuesday, Jan 5, 2010


Cloud server management. If you have servers on Rackspace, EC2, or Slicehost, Cloudkick is a free and easy way to manage your infrastructure. URL: Cloudkick

Tuesday, Jan 5, 2010

Search your friend’s tweets by keyword, see trending topics, and toggle between list, grid and map view. URL:

Monday, Jan 4, 2010


A new service that allows anyone to make an iPhone application using a WSYWIG interface for creating a fully native iPhone application. Different pricing tiers for cobranded or white label. URL: AppMakr

Monday, Jan 4, 2010


See what your friends are buying. Automatically share your favorite purchases from iTunes, Amazon, Zappos, Visa, MasterCard, and more. URL: Blippy

Saturday, Jan 2, 2010


A new community focused on encouraging and connecting girls and women interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. URL: stemming

Wednesday, Dec 30, 2009


Like Twitter or commenting for cars. Send messages to other cars using their license plate numbers, or search for messages sent to your car. URL: CarPong

Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009


Online college eTextbook retailer for discount internet access or downloadable textbooks from leading publishers like Pearson, Wiley, McGraw-Hill, & Cengage.  Access CourseSmart eTexts anytime, anywhere. URL: CourseSmart

Tuesday, Dec 29, 2009


An analytic service for Twitter which allow you to track the clicks on your links. URL: Twilitics

Monday, Dec 28, 2009

Bitly TV

Feeding you the hippest and trendiest videos from around the web in real-time. URL: Bitly TV

Tuesday, Dec 22, 2009

Post a dollar

Easy blog payments. Leave “tips” on blogs that you like. URL: Post a dollar

Monday, Dec 21, 2009


Create a printed personalized notebook with your tweets. URL: TweetNotebook

Monday, Dec 21, 2009


A free, ad-supported Mac program that lets you share files from your Mac on the internet. Every account comes with 1GB of free storage. Plenty of room to host and share all your bits. URL: Droplr

Sunday, Dec 20, 2009


An e-book search comparative search engine. Compare e-book prices for the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, and more. URL: Inkmesh

Thursday, Dec 17, 2009