Wiki-based team productivity and group collaboration. eHub Interviews CentralDesktop URL: CentralDesktop.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


Collect notes, to dos, personal information, you name it. RubyonRails and TiddlyWiki. URL: ServerSideWiki.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


Manage clients and employees, keep track of projects and requests, organize and send invoices. Launch pending. URL: Recap.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


Collective bargaining. URL: Wazima.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


A free online digital storage system. eHub Interviews Openomy URL: Openomy.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


Job search and online resume hosting for life. eHub Interviews PageBites URL: PageBites.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


RSS meets Text-to-Speech Engine. URL: Odiogo.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


Online browser compatability testing. URL: SiteVista.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


Mash-up of Google maps and live traffic cameras of New York City (yes, live!). URL: NYsee.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


A freely browsable database of sex offender data with Google maps. URL: PervWatch.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


A wiki community focused on simplicity and ease of use, with WYSIWYG editing, RSS feeds, discussion areas, and tagging. URL: Wikispaces.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


Design marketplace for apparel, cards, stamps, and merch. See the AJAX apparel designer feature. URL: Zazzle.

Friday, Sep 30, 2005

eHub blogged by Seth Godin

In his blog post today, Seth Godin, author and agent of change, writes about “that feeling of the impending rush” with the rapidly changing web.  “The web is changing, and so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up. But Emily is trying.  Check out:  Emily Chang – eHub. In just a few weeks, she’s collected […]

Friday, Sep 30, 2005


Email for your voice. “Slawesome is so alpha it makes us cry. But it works!” eHub Interviews Slawesome URL: Slawesome.

Thursday, Sep 29, 2005


Free online suite that mirrors capabilities in MS Office. URL: ThinkFree.

Thursday, Sep 29, 2005


Roll your own search engine. Personal search engines, searchrolls, and more. URL: Rollyo.

Thursday, Sep 29, 2005


People build lenses of information, links, recommendations, and readers use lenses to find relevant information. Seth Godin’s new project. eHub Interviews Squidoo URL: Squidoo.

Thursday, Sep 29, 2005


An application wiki – take notes together on the same web page at the same time. URL: JotSpot.

Thursday, Sep 29, 2005


Social calendaring, event search, alerts and notifications, and RESTful web services via api.evdb.com. URL: eventful.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2005

Campaign Monitor

Email newsletters and list management. eHub Interviews Campaign Monitor URL: Campaign Monitor.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2005


Social bookmark and feed management service. Launch pending. URL: Tagsy.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2005


Next generation of Six Apart’s blogging product with multiple media streams, community aggregation, and much more. Disclosure: my company, Ideacodes, and I are currently working with Six Apart. URL: Comet.

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2005


Ruby on Rails meets iPod-voicemail, podcasting, and remixing. URL: podOmatic.

Monday, Sep 26, 2005


A social bookmarking service for news. Users contribute tagged links to stories and can customize their home page using tags. eHub Interviews CommonMedia URL: CommonTimes.

Sunday, Sep 25, 2005


A community driven visitor tracking service that tells you who your visitors are and what they want from the web. eHub Interviews Delineate URL: delineate.

Saturday, Sep 24, 2005


Clustering search engine based on textual and linguistic similarity. Search blogs, news, wikipedia, and more. URL: Clusty.

Saturday, Sep 24, 2005

Sites Linking to eHub

(Updated 9/30) Global traffic to eHub is still growing (hello, Cyprus!), email submissions come in every day from web 2.0 creators, eHub’s RSS feed is getting over 300 900 readers and 2000 7000 hits a day, and over 570 1300 people have bookmarked eHub in del.icio.us.  I’ve put up this partial list of sites that […]

Saturday, Sep 24, 2005


A free, open-ended, tag-based “bulletin board” or online organizer (classifieds, notes, recipes, reviews, rants, scrapbooks, etc). Built with Ruby on Rails. URL: Tagifields.

Saturday, Sep 24, 2005


An online music community where you can listen, create and share playlists (audio, video, or any media type) and add tags. URL: Plurn.

Saturday, Sep 24, 2005


Add places, tag locations, create, document, and share your maps. URL: Tagzania.

Friday, Sep 23, 2005