eHub Needs Your Opinion

Oct 22, 2005

[Update: This post is left up for historical reasons. Since the date of this post, Charlie and I have emailed and we called a truce in the comments below. This is a non-issue now.] This morning I was checking my inbound links and came across a post, “I’m Off eHubwatch“, by Charlie O’Donnell of Union […]

eHub Interviews at the Speed of Web 2.0

Oct 17, 2005

eHub has been thrilled to hear from so many of the creators of web 2.0 applications, services, and sites.  There are already twenty live eHub Interviews including:  BlinkList, CafeSpot, CentralDesktop, CiteULike, Codase, ColorBlender, CommunityWalk, elfURL, eyeOS, fileNice, goowy, Kiko, MapStats, Netvibes, Openomy, PageBites, Plazes, Protopage, Voo2do, and Writely.  Check daily for new interviews!

eHub turns One (Month)

Oct 12, 2005

eHub turns one month old today.  Read the blog post, a Statistical Month in Review.

eHub Interviews Translated into Japanese

Oct 8, 2005

Thanks to Ryutaro Kamitsu, select eHub Interviews will be translated into Japanese.  Ryutaro plans to translate eHub Interviews Netvibes, Kiko, and Writely, and has already translated eHub Interviews Protopage in Japanese.  The English version of eHub Interviews Protopage was just launched on October 5, 2005. 

eHub Interviews Launches

Oct 5, 2005

eHub Interviews launches featuring four interviews with creators of web 2.0 applications, including Writely, Protopage, CommunityWalk, CentralDesktop. New interviews will be launching daily at eHub Interviews. Stay tuned for interviews with Netvibes,, Kiko, Findory, Blinklist, Meta, Openomy, Prodigem, Fundable, Mappr, SiteVista, NetworthIQ, SWiK, eyeOS, Listal, LibraryThing, CommonTimes, Slawesome, CampaignMonitor, Filenice, voo2doo, Feedmarker, Delineate, MapStats, […]

eHub Interviews to Launch the Week of Web 2.0

Oct 3, 2005

eHub Interviews, a series of email interviews with the creators of Web 2.0 applications and services, will launch this week (October 3-8, 2005) as part of the unofficial Web 2.0 week here in San Francisco.1 With over 150 web applications and services in eHub (and growing every day), we felt it was time to hear […]

eHub: Ajax, Ruby, Web 2.0 resource list

Sep 12, 2005

eHub is a constantly updated list of web applications, services, resources, blogs or sites with a focus on next generation web (web 2.0), social software, blogging, Ajax, location mapping, open source, folksonomy, design and digital media sharing. Visit eHub! Buzz and Blogosphere Sept 17, 2005 eHub in The Social Software Weblog Barb Dybwad from The […]

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