Obama Mobile

Obama Mobile

Aug 12, 2008

On the Go

Aug 2, 2008

I’ve been tweaking the design of my site behind the scenes for the last few weeks and made the changes live tonight. Of course, there will be continuous tweaks, but I feel purged! Overall, I’ve tried to reduce clutter and simplify the structure and presentation – a proper cleansing. It’s an evolution but also a […]

iPhone Arrives

iPhone Arrives

Jan 18, 2008


Oct 23, 2005

In “Pocket-size screen’s new rules”, Laura M. Holson writes: Mobisodes are more popular among teenagers in Europe and Asia, largely because the advanced technology in use there makes it easier for them to be viewed. And much of the original video programming now being produced is short and derived from youth-oriented television properties. It seems […]

Phoning in photos for posterity

Aug 20, 2003

Last week’s blackout gave moblogging its first real chance to provide grassroots coverage of a major news event says this piece. The result: Lots of digital photos appearing on weblogs taken in the blackout zone by people using digital phone/cameras. Travis Larson, spokesman for the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association: “This may be the first […]

Audio-on-demand service for cellphones

Aug 12, 2003

RealNetworks and Sprint will announce today that they’ve teamed up on a digital audio service that will offer content from ABC News, Fox Sports, National Public Radio and others. The service, which will cost $4.95 a month, will be available on various handsets and ill include a monophonic digital audio program and the ability to […]

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