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  • Medicine Eat Station

    I’ve been a vegetarian for more than ten years now so of course, I was excited to try the new-shojin food at Medicine Eat Station. The minimalistic, all vegetarian dishes date back…

  • Google Wants to Provide Free Wi-Fi for San Francisco

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom made it a goal to provide a free or inexpensive citywide network last year and bids were submitted by competing firms this Friday, mostly by ISP companies. …

  • Max

  • Reflected

  • Qube Sign

    Wicked car-as-sign.

  • Wall on Harrison St.

  • One Year Later

    Tonight marks the one year anniversary of moving here to SF and finding ourselves right where we want to be – in the heart of the web world with our own selected…

  • Barcode Building

    I’ve always like the simplicity and functionality of bar codes.  In art school, I made a series of oversized bar code prints as rough posters and had a collection of various bar…

  • SF Night

    Night time traffic on the interstate as seen from our window. Even after a year, this scene still fascinates me. Any hour of the day or night, endless cars stream across several…

  • Lunch in North Beach

    North Beach is fine coffee, fresh italian cuisine, sidewalk cafes, and dreamy summer afternoons.  For me, it’s also the rare personal pleasure of spending time in the same neighborhood where Jack Kerouac…

  • Palm Tree

    Walking up to Telegraph Hill and saw this dreamy view of the bay.  Sounds silly but I’m still struck by the palm trees, the blue sky and water, the breeze, and how…

  • Side Streets

  • Boxed Food Co.

    View of the lunch counter. Had organic salad with citrus vinaigrette.

  • Dusk Blue

  • Drama Clouds

  • Midnight Stop

    Cop pulling over a car eleven stories down.

  • Window washers

  • Full moon

  • Blue

  • Today

  • Jeremy Blake at SFMoMA

    I’ve liked the ideas of Jeremy Blake’s work for some time and his exploration of “time-based paintings” and digital video DVD layered animations, having felt something similar in my own experiments and…

  • Dawn

  • Sunset

  • Looking South

    The Transamerica building looking south from Telegraph Hill.

  • Studio

  • Late night working

  • Night

    Creativity and French martinis.

  • Loft

  • Desk shot

  • Mt. Sutro at Sunset

    View from our loft Today I turned 33.  Spent the day feeling extremely grateful for everything I have in my life.  There are still things I’m burning to do and specific challenges…