Offline Design

As an online designer, I’m always looking offline for inspiration and ideas.  (Once you’ve been a sculptor, you can never truly escape the physical world.) Part of the beauty of city life is the constant stream of emotional and environmental influence – every city block a testament to the power of design’s influence over our daily lives.  In my quest to seek out design that is both functional and beautiful, I often look to industrial and product design, as well as interior design and architecture.  You might enjoy these two sites if you’re looking to tap into the spirit of modern, contemporary design in the physical world.

Design Addict has always been one of my favorite sites for its wealth of information about the latest in industrial design, furniture, and design objects.  Search the database of over 540 designers at DesignAddict Designer Index.

MoCo Loco is “a web magazine featuring modern contemporary design news and views” (and one of those sites that I kicked myself for not doing it first).  Great coverage of modern design news as well as a network of cities including Amsterdam, Montreal, Tokyo, and our own San Francisco.