eHub in PC Magazine’s Top 100

eHub gets listed in PC Magazine’s list of “sites that cover the Web 2.0 revolution” and their Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites, which includes “…picks for the top new or under-the-radar sites of 2007. You may not know many of the sites on this list, but you should.”

On eHub, writer Brian Heater says: “We’re still trying to figure out how she does it, but somehow Emily Chang manages to get wind of every Web 2.0 app long before the rest of the blogging world does. Her synopses are short and sweet, which is just fine, given the frequency with which she updates her page. eHub has been doing a bit of branching out recently, too, adding interviews, job listings, news, and events.”

eHub is listed along with sites such as Kiva, Programmable Web, Musicovery, Techmeme, Cork’d, All Things Digital, DownloadSquad, Ninja Words, Mashable, Meebo, and Remember the Milk. See sites that cover the Web 2.0 revolution and Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites.