Twitter for iPad

Just downloaded the first version of Twitter for iPad (iTunes link) and trying it out. On first glance, love the clean, properly-sized UI. Try pinch/zoom on a tweet to see more info. Pinch again to close. Swipe down with two fingers to see a thread. The “write a tweet” view overlaps a bit much for my preference, but otherwise, really liking it so far. If you’ve had the iPhone version, delete it from your iPad, then reinstall from the App store.

UPDATE 9/2: After playing more with the app, I find the sliding panels helpful, but feel like there’s too much horizontal stacking/sliding. It also seems impossible to permanently get rid of a panel detail once it’s open? You can flick it to the right but it still lingers there.

In terms of functionality, there are a few things missing from this version, although I suspect they’ll be coming in the next:

  • ability to save searches
  • delete DMs (and mark all as read). Actually I’d just like to see this synced across all Twitter apps so if I’ve read a DM before, it doesn’t show up on the desktop client or iPad as unread.
  • geo-location for tweets
  • see local trends, not just global trends

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September 1, 2010 at 11:49 pm

Just downloaded it too! It’s very nice and clean. :)