Code for America’s Iconathon

Earlier this year, Jen Pahlka asked me if I wanted to be a mentor for Code for America, and of course I said yes. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with Karla Macedo, one of this year’s fellows. They’ve put together a great idea:

Code for America, in partnership with the Noun Project, is pleased to announce an initiative to collaboratively design new civic symbols for the public domain.

In August & September 2011, several cities across the US will participate in a series of design charrettes — day-long collaborative workshops — called “Iconathons”. Through facilitated design sessions, event participants will generate icons and symbols that visually convey concepts frequently needed in civic design. The aim of Iconathon is to add to the public domain a set of graphic symbols that can be used by both the public and the private sectors to easily communicate universally recognized concepts to city inhabitants.

Please visit Iconathon to learn more, find out about upcoming events and get involved!

UPDATE: The first Iconathon will take place in SF on Aug 6. Sign up here.