Really interesting to see how Malaysia is evolving from when I lived there in the nineties.

Malaysia is building a 21st century city from scratch with natural environmental and digital vision.

Malaysia is building itself a new national capital. The city, Putrajaya, is now the Administrative Centre of the Federal Government of Malaysia. The old capital, Kuala Lumpur, is home to the world’s largest building, the Petronas Towers.

“About 40% of Putrajaya is natural. Lush greenery, botanical gardens, lakes, waterways and wetlands will contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment.”

“Putrajaya is a showcase development that is environmentally friendly. There is a precinct dedicated solely to conserving the environment in its natural state, preserving the flora and fauna for educational and research purposes. A 400 hectares artificial lake will be the centrepiece. A wetland area is also developed in the northern boundary of Putrajaya to maintain the quality of the lake water.”
“Putrajaya is located along the South Growth Corridor which houses the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC). Physically, the MSC covers a 15 by 50 sq km area which begins with the Kuala Lumpur City Centre in the north and extends to the new K L International Airport at Sepang in the south. Supporting the MSC is a high capacity, fully digital telecommunications infrastructure designed to the highest international standards in capacity and reliability.”

“Putrajaya will use multimedia technologies to become an electronic administrative centre.”

“Interdepartmental communications and interactions with the public will be conducted via electronic and multimedia channels. The development of Putrajaya and its twin city, Cyberjaya, will position the MSC competitively in the international arena.”