Patagonia Music

Mar 1, 2011

Patagonia Music launched today: Buy a song, benefit the environment. Patagonia has teamed up with a diverse group of world-class musicians to help protect and restore our natural environment. The musicians donate an exclusive song, you buy some great music on iTunes® and non-profit environmental groups receive much-needed funds. Download the Patagonia Music iPhone app […]

Think Small

Think Small

Feb 20, 2007

“Matthew Adams outside his 120-square-foot house by Modern Cabana on his 160 acres near Red Bluff, Calif. He wanted a well-designed dwelling that would have the least effect on his land.” Minimalism and thinking small meshes well with eco-friendly culture and attempts to live off the grid.  From an article at the NYTImes. A wave […]

Clever Car

Clever Car

Apr 28, 2006

Researchers in England have been working on a prototype for a “clever” (Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport) car.  The car has three wheels and tilts for easy manueverability. The prototype is purely a research project and is unlikely to come to market in its present form. But the researchers hope that car companies […]

A-Z West

Feb 26, 2006

Andrea Zittel has always been one of my favorite artists since I saw her work in NYC in the late nineties.  The NYTImes has a review of her latest work in Rethinking the World by Cutting it Down to Size. That she puts her money where her mouth is, so to speak, is evident in […]

Extinction alert for 800 species

Jan 5, 2006

In the BBC article, “Extinction alert for 800 species,” researchers have compiled a global map of sites where animals and plants face imminent extinction. “It’s impossible to know or predict how long these species might have; but certainly within the next few decades, if these sites aren’t protected, they will be gone.”

Streams and Wetlands at Risk

Sep 28, 2003

The Bush administration is considering eliminating Clean Water Act protection for small streams and wetlands that appear isolated from rivers or lakes. Already the administration has issued guidance that eliminates federal protection for 20 million acres of wetlands. Without federal protection, these streams and wetlands– and downstream rivers and lakes– would be at risk of […]

Is erosion helping Himalayas to grow?

Aug 6, 2003

Are erosion and tectonics combining to cause the edge of Tibet to slide away, geologically speaking, from the main body of Tibet? Peter Zeitler and Anne Meltzer, professors of earth and environmental sciences at Lehigh, are leading an international study of erosion and tectonic processes near Namche Barwa, which at 23,000 feet is the highest […]

In ‘Green’ Packaging, Corn Replaces Petroleum

Jun 16, 2003

Wild Oats Markets Inc. became the first grocery store in the United States to roll out a new type of “green” packaging which looks like plastic but turns into compost after disposal… Full story at Yahoo news


Dec 19, 2002

Really interesting to see how Malaysia is evolving from when I lived there in the nineties. Malaysia is building a 21st century city from scratch with natural environmental and digital vision. Malaysia is building itself a new national capital. The city, Putrajaya, is now the Administrative Centre of the Federal Government of Malaysia. The old […]