For the People, By the People…

Came across the Public Internet Project website.  Non-profit organisation that seeks to promote 802.11b WiFi access to diverse communities.  They conducted extensive research in Manhattan, beginning with the task of driving “every street in the borough of Manhattan (approx. 98%) with the exception of areas that were closed to vehicle traffic due to police or construction (WTC and Wall Street).”

Be sure to check out the map of WiFi access points in Manhattan at

Among their goals:
1. The development of Internet access in under-privileged communities.
2. Work to bring broadband wireless Internet to the organizations that server under-privileged communities
3. Advocate the benefits of wireless networking at every opportunity.
4. Lobby Internet providers to allow the controlled sharing of bandwidth* for the public good.
5. Lobby the manufactures of wireless Internet hardware to build in bandwidth sharing features* and access controls that can limit the amount of access the public gets with out compromising security.
6. Publish research, surveys, and analysis that helps further the understanding of digital divide issues and promotes the use of the Internet.

Learn more at the Public Internet Project.