Keep the Internet neutral, fair and free

Mar 30, 2007

Most Americans believe that if you play fair and work hard, you’ll get ahead. But this notion is threatened by legislation passed Thursday night by the U.S. House of Representatives that would allow Internet service providers to play favorites among different Web sites. Newmark: Keep the Internet neutral, fair and free

Happy 10 Years

Happy 10 Years

Mar 4, 2005

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years for the commercial web!  All you kids out there (that’s all of you 13 year olds that are signing up for livejournal at lightening speed) that think the internet has always been around, get this – when you were three, the commercial web was only just […]

Net not affected

Aug 16, 2003

Write Robert MacMillan of the Washington Post, “no refrigeration, no subways, no smooth traffic flow, no air conditioning—well, at least the Internet worked. So did the phones, at least in theory. That was the big message in the tech media’s coverage of the mega-blackout that took down the power grid serving much of the northeast […]

Listening Post

Jun 7, 2003

Exhibited at the Whitney Museum from Dec 17, 2002-March 9, 2003, this installation by Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin takes the virtual buzz of the internet and makes it real. “Listening Post is an art installation that culls text fragments in real time from thousands of unrestricted Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards and other public […]

For the People, By the People…

Jan 4, 2003

Came across the Public Internet Project website.  Non-profit organisation that seeks to promote 802.11b WiFi access to diverse communities.  They conducted extensive research in Manhattan, beginning with the task of driving “every street in the borough of Manhattan (approx. 98%) with the exception of areas that were closed to vehicle traffic due to police or […]