Love Parade 2004


I’d heard about the Berlin Love Parade festival and stopped by the site once in a while.  This is the first year Love Parade San Francisco is being held in the US.  This city definitely supports electronic music and dj culture, and gave roots to the progressive peace movement to begin with.

Apparently, we’re right on the parade route for most events here (there’s always seems to be festival going on in SF) so we just went up a few blocks to the start of the parade.  People were letting loose – lots of big wigs, wacky costumes, angel wings, cowboy hats, naked people of all ages, genders, and subcultures, giant floats and dancers.  Long live faux fur and blue wigs!  House music blasted down the parade route with djs spinning on top of flatbeds and floats.  We followed the Om Records float for a while to catch good house tunes.  Then, as we neared the embarcadero, we found ourselves next to the jolly green froggy van, a group dressed like bumblebees, and a dj that was playing funky soulful beats.  A great combination with the perfect sunny weather.  Feelin’ the love!