The Cloud


This combines so many elements that I’m drawn to into one functional environment – beyond object.  It’s meditative, ethereal, and draws from camping technology (rip-stop nylon, portable).  Camping in my tent has always been highly meditative and creative for me.  At one point many years ago, we even had our tent set up in our living room as a getaway and sleep spot.

The Cloud by Monica Forster is a portable room that can be used as a relaxing workplace retreat, a unique meeting place, for meditation, or as an ideal escape for creative brainstorming. A space of its own that can be used within any space, Cloud instantly defines an area and a mood apart.

Easily transported from place to place, when the Cloud is unpacked, a silent fan continuously keeps the chamber inflated as long as required. The room inflates in three minutes and stays inflated until its folded away into its connected carrying bag. Cloud is entered and exited via a self–closing slit door alowing ample ventilation. The Cloud is made of rip-stop nylon and includes the carrying bag with integral fan unit.

See it at UrbanPeel.