The Shift

Many of the trends we’ve been seeing in Web 2.0 aren’t limited to the internet, as much the Valley likes to think so :) Ideas that arise from subcultures do so for a reason. Sometimes because one person rises up to claim it, but more often because a collective group of people are feeling and observing the same cultural climate.

The larger cultural shift is happening all around us: in youth and pop culture, design, government, media, economies, manufacturing. I’m collecting articles and notes about this topic for a future post, but here are some current observations regarding this shift:

consumers => producers
passive => active
b-school => d-school
one voice => many voices
closed => open
corporate => individual
bureaucratic => grassroots
private => personal
mass produced => custom or DIY
decorative => minimal
globalization => localization
clumsy => agile
skin/surface => system/core
pure bred => hybrid