Real-time Attribution

Oct 27, 2009

I was working on a blog post tonight and wanted to attribute a person as the source. Normally, I would just link their name to their site/blog if they had one, which would then alert them by email if they had a Google search alert on their name or URL, or it would show up […]

iPhone 2.0.1

iPhone 2.0.1

Aug 5, 2008

The new update came out earlier today. I tweeted it, but I’ve been busy with work all day and night. I’m just getting to updating my phone now. If you’ve updated, have you noticed any improvements with your iPhone performance?

Free Trial for Paid iPhone Apps

Free Trial for Paid iPhone Apps

Jul 16, 2008

I twittered, “shouldn’t there be a free trial period for paid iphone apps?” Twitter stream response:

Purging Drafts Into Pico Posts

Purging Drafts Into Pico Posts

Sep 4, 2007

Ever since I started using Twitter, Tumblr, and Stikkit, it seems I haven’t been able to finish a blog post. Instead, I’m just Twittering, collecting, reading, posting: generally zipping through the electronic universe leaving a varied trail of my activities and thoughts. This speedy trip has its ups and downs. On the one hand, I […]

Thoughtful Reduction and the Miniaturization of Expression

Mar 2, 2007

As I was designing for a client web application today, I kept living through John Maeda’s first law of simplicity: thoughtful reduction. The goal was to design a new comments system for parts of the site so members were more likely to leave little notes for each other. In order to make it fun and […]

My OS Doesn’t Work Like My Mind

Mar 1, 2007

I’m still thinking about simplicity/minimalism vs. experiential and emotional experiences. If memory is strongly attributed to adrenaline, then shouldn’t we design for optimal emotional attachment? Or, do we design so it’s “so simple” that you don’t have to think about it? The folder-file organizational structure of current operating systems (OS) does nothing to trigger emotional […]

Capturing the Flow of Design

Feb 4, 2007

The best way to present or analyze a design would be to record the desktop of an entire design cycle so that people (users, clients, developers, customers, etc.) can see the entire process that led up to the final prototype. Today’s designer works in a varied environment between screengrabs, layout, code, browser, chat: a hybrid […]

Fast vs. Slow

Jan 30, 2007

In our accelerated culture, I can think of a particular Devo song and have it downloaded from a music site within seconds. This instant gratification is in contrast to other desires: eg. the slow food movement, craft, longevity. What things do you want instantly and what do you want to take your time with? I […]

Internal Elegance

Jan 19, 2007

In mathematics, the highest measure of a mathematical forumal is to have internal elegance. I think the same is true for web apps and design.

The Shift

Nov 22, 2006

Many of the trends we’ve been seeing in Web 2.0 aren’t limited to the internet, as much the Valley likes to think so :) Ideas that arise from subcultures do so for a reason. Sometimes because one person rises up to claim it, but more often because a collective group of people are feeling and […]