I Like Being in Other People’s Stats

This morning I checked my feeds and stats and various web searches and saw a referrer from WipBox, an application I had added to eHub. The long tail at work…


From the WipBox blog.

What a great way to start things off!!! Had awesome feedback from people right out of the gates, was written up by Mashable and Emily Chang’s eHub, received excellent suggestions and had WAY more than expected signups.

Launching Wed, the last 4 days brought 5,987 page views, 1,968 visits and 375 registered users. Thanks to everyone for trying WipBox out! I’m planning some cool new additions, but definitely, let me know how I can make it better.

You can spend multi-billions on an ad campaign if you’re a giant corporation, or you can spend nothing and get exactly what you need if you’re an independent. It just depends on how well you know your product and your audience.