I Like Being in Other People's Stats

I Like Being in Other People’s Stats

Jan 31, 2007

This morning I checked my feeds and stats and various web searches and saw a referrer from WipBox, an application I had added to eHub. The long tail at work… From the WipBox blog. What a great way to start things off!!! Had awesome feedback from people right out of the gates, was written up […]

EmilyChang.com Ranked in Technorati Top 1000

Nov 4, 2005

On November 1, after two weeks without updates (to inbound links and sites in the Technorati statistics), I logged into Technorati to find my site had jumped in rank from 1,616 (801 links from 423 sites) to 1,047 (1,096 links from 552 sites). At one point during the day, emilychang.com came in at number 999. […]