eHub Announces New Editors

As most of you know, I’ve been flying solo on eHub since it launched as the first Web 2.0 list back in Oct 2005. It’s been a thrill and both personally and professionally gratifying to maintain a resource that’s used widely. eHub has over 400,000 page views a month and reaches 14,000 daily RSS subscribers and growing weekly. Our audience is diverse and includes users of all types: startups, bloggers, developers, VC, designers, technologists, CEOs, librarians, parents, students, news media… the list goes on.

One of the strengths of eHub is its simplicity and consistency. I’ve received countless emails from readers that say they prefer the short format and “underground” services that eHub promotes rather than the longer news formats of other sites. The other unique aspect is eHub’s user-focused perspective. The sites I list are often not the biggest business news or most-funded companies launching, but I make my choices based on whether users can benefit from the service in some way. That said, there have been so many opportunities to expand eHub’s content and purpose beyond my personal hobby. I’ve finally let nature takes it course and evolve eHub.

The first phase of eHub v2 is the addition of new eHub editors, including (in alpha order): Cesar H Castro Jr, Veronique Christensen, Bryan Collick, J.T Dabaggian, Iqbal Gandham, Lars Koudal, Kim Lau, Chris Lerch, Andrew Mager, Jibran Masud, James Mellor, Matthew Murphy, Thomas Scovell, Nick Senzee, LaSean Smith, Nik Friedman TeBockhorst, Emily Williams and Andrew Wong.

I invite you to learn more about these exceptional people on the eHub editors page. As individuals, I’m already impressed by my time working with each of them. As a group, you’ll see that there’s a broad range of experiences and areas of expertise: from bloggers to producers to marketing and community professionals; lifehackers to wireless and mobile media buffs; to a web entrepreneur and mentor who’s also a spacecraft engineer. Our team is also geographically diverse, with editors residing all over the U.S. (SF, Silicon Valley, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, Colorado, Arizona) and in New Zealand, England, New Delhi, and Pakistan. It’s my hope that this diversity will bring new insights to the current technology scene.

eHub’s content is going to expand greatly with our new team. In addition to daily listings of new web services, we’ll also be publishing weekly features and reviews. eHub’s first feature is Top 10 apps from iPhoneDevCamp by Andrew Mager, and covers the apps from this past weekend’s iPhoneDevCamp. Stay tuned for more features and reviews this week and every week. You’ll also notice that we’ve opened up comments so feel free to share your opinions with us.

In addition to visiting the site, you can easily get new content by subscribing to eHub’s RSS feed or get eHub by email once a day (enter your email in the subscribe box).

We’ll also be increasing the frequency of eHub interviews. If you’re a startup with an interesting story to tell or a product about to launch, get in touch. If you’ve submitted an interview, thanks for your patience. It will go up quickly now that eHub has a team! Also, if you’re looking for a direct and targeted way to reach thousands of Web 2.0 users, eHub is an effective and inexpensive place to advertise your company.

Finally, when I posted that eHub was looking for editors in May, I was quite overwhelmed by the responses from all over the world. Thank you again to everyone who applied. Due to sheer numbers, and wanting to start with a core group of editors, I wasn’t able to accept everyone but your interest and kind words meant a lot to me.

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July 9, 2007 at 9:27 am

Congratulation! I always enjoy the short articles and brief exlanation. Keep the style! It’s good idea to add more ‘writer’ for this source to web 2.0.